General Hospital Voting Booth

Every week, features a poll that instantly tallies results. Although the surveys are patently unscientific and are often designed with tongue planted firmly in cheek, you still might learn a bit about the temperament of your fellow viewers here.

This is an informal survey for the interest and enjoyment of members, and results may not be indicative of popular opinion.

How the Voting Booth works

The questions in the poll are not written by ABC, General Hospital or Port Charles staffers, or Jeff Jungblut. They are all written by you, the members of Each member may post one new question per week.

The poll may contain up to a maximum of 100 questions per week. If your question doesn't make it into the first 100 questions for the current week, you'll need to wait until the following week to post your question.

At the end of each week, the current poll results are moved to the Last Week's Results page and all questions in the current poll are removed to make room for a new poll.

You can change your votes at any time. The system tracks all your votes and counts only your most recent response for each question.

If you don't want to spend a lot of time voting on different questions, you can submit your votes at any time for those questions you've responded to. Any questions left unanswered will appear again the next time you vote.