Last Week’s Results

For when he returns, Robert Scorpio and... -- 27 votes
23 (85.2%) Anna
2 (7.4%) Holly
1 (3.7%) {nobody}
1 (3.7%) Laura

I never want to see GH go back to Guzaland where one or more characters dominate the show. -- 26 votes
12 (46.2%) I don't mind some lead characters in front, as long as others get a chance.
12 (46.2%) Exactly! No more writer favorites sucking up airtime.
1 (3.8%) I like when there are lead characters in long as they are my favorites.
1 (3.8%) I really don't mind when there are main characters in front of the story.

In light of Maurice Bernard's recent arrogant remarks, is it time for Sonny to get lost? -- 24 votes
8 (33.3%) No not time yet for that character to go.
5 (20.8%) Maybe, if the story lines continue to glorify mob actions.
4 (16.7%) Don't like the character. He can go. No loss.
3 (12.5%) The Sonny character is passe. Let him go
2 (8.3%) I have a different opinion
1 (4.2%) All of these choices apply
1 (4.2%) I like all the characters