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News for the week of 02-Mar-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Not only did Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) turn in a tour de force performance as a wifeless father trying to hold himself together after his son barely survived a fire, but TPTB, the crew, and some of the cast helped out a real-life children’s hospital in the bargain. Look for Nikolas and Spencer in scenes at GH’s makeshift Boston’s Shriners Hospital — the crew made the set look like the real one and consulted with the organization for accuracy — with real patients. After filming these Shriners Hospital scenes, the actors spent a Valentine’s Day bash with their three special guests at Shriners Hospital in L.A.

“I’ve been doing this a long time, so I trust myself,” Christopher told Soap Opera Digest [“behind the scenes” with Mara Levinsky/Tom Stacy] about filming the harrowing fire story. “I trust that my emotions will be in line with what the words suggest. But I didn’t know what was going to come out of this Spencer thing. It was scary.” Not a Method actor by nature, Christopher naturally relied on his real-life status as a father for a lot of the emotions. “I’m not the kind of actor that draws on real-life experience, but it’s true what they say about how a child will change you. It wasn’t hard to envision what it would mean to me if Greysun, my son, was in the same situation.”

Having Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer) play his on-screen son was also a boon emotionally for viewers who felt very protective. The child actor also felt a little scared approaching these scenes, “but mostly excited. It’s just so amazing to have the chance to help people with a storyline. When we were doing the scenes, it was so hard not to cry because just seeing Tyler cry made me want to cry, but I knew that I was playing unconscious so I couldn’t cry! He did give me advice, like, ‘Believe this is really happening to you, believe that you are really in a hospital and it’s really happening.’”

GH’s PTB under executive producer Frank Valentini could’ve done a fictional story about a Cassadine and his only son, and have been done with it. But they went the extra mile to educate themselves about what Shriners Hospitals for Children do so they could show viewers all over the world through the enriched, authentic-feeling story. The GH staff also donated volunteer time and money — Bechtel gave “the last of my birthday money to” Shriners Hospitals, and was “so happy to do it!”

#LoveToTheRescue, indeed.

Another GH actor joins the web series WINTERTHORNE, this one’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie; ex-original Belle, DOOL) as the “stylish, sexy, wicked and witty” Selene Winterthorne, younger sister to Martha Madison’s Miranda (ex-Belle, DOOL). Series creator Michael Caruso further described Storms’ made-to-order character: “She's been away from her family for a long time and now she's back to take what she feels is hers. It's going to be so much fun watching Kirsten and Martha on screen together, a devilish treat for the audience.” —Soap Opera Digest online

Ilene Kristen (Delia; ex-Roxy, OLTL) and her Ryan’s bar return briefly March 3-6 to help preside over Ava’s memorial service.

Gossip for the week of 02-Mar-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Did Silas switch the DNA paternity results in the lab to keep Sonny from executing the hit on Ava? See, if Silas made Avery Sonny’s biological child, then he could borrow Ava some time. If this is the case, then Morgan’s the real dad, and Michael’s up sh*t creek.

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