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News for the week of 05-Oct-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Kin Shriner (Scotty), Lynn Herring (Lucy), Kathleen Gati (Dr. Obrecht), Kirsten Storms (Maxie), her husband Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny), Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), and Ryan Paevey (Nathan) will grace fans with their presence at the “Fall Getaway Weekend” October 23-25 at Orlando, FL’s Marriott Courtyard. The series of fan events is put on by Your #1 Fan. Tickets are $110 to $90 per person, not including the hotel room. PS. The photos of the stars could be a little more up to date.

Gossip for the week of 05-Oct-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens September 30 dropped a rumor that DOOL’s former co-head writer Chris Whitesell may join GH’s writing team soon, most likely as a breakdown writer. Giddens reported that Whitesell wrote for GH before, in 1997 as associate head writer and co-head writer.

Giddens also heard that GH’s leading man, Jason Thompson (Patrick) may not stay on due to a lack of good storyline, according to rumors. “Thompson, who has played sexy neurosurgeon Dr. Patrick Drake since 2005, has been talking about leaving the series for quite some time, according to my sources. His current contract with GH ends soon.” Giddens’ industry insider added that three other soaps want Thompson real badly, one for a recast.

Will Nathan find himself in a love story with another, new character, someone he knew from before? Maybe a young woman from Dillon’s checkered family tree.

There are more terrible secrets to Nikolas than he’s letting on. He’s not a noble prince but a rat bastard. When the truth comes out, everyone he’s ever loved will turn on him. This isn’t about just Jake/Jason, either.

Brad gets a story? He might run into his adoptive mother and she’s very familiar.

It looks like my SoapHub commentary about Nancy Lee Grahn’s Twitter gaffes from two weeks ago is still gaining steam. Lynx on SoapZone’s GH board even posted the link on Oct. 3. Not a hater; a pundit.

I focus on a particularly annoying GH storyline in my newest SoapHub commentary, instead of riding the controversy bandwagon for a change. It’s about this Jake/Jason reveal that’s taking forever to see the light of day (Nov. Sweeps, I hear): “Dragging Jason Reveal Is Killing Jake.” This next week on GH is gonna kill you with Jake/Jason rabbit trails.

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