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News for the week of 27-Oct-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Executive Producer Frank Valentini told SOD recently that Tony Geary (Luke/Fluke) is set to come back next month. Geary was on medical leave following back surgery.

When Laura Wright (Carly) first took on a charity as its first ambassador, she felt somewhat uncomfortable in the role. The charity is So They Can, an organization of caring volunteers fighting to help children in Africa by working with communities in need there. “I had this really weird internal struggle with it, until recently,” Wright admitted in an October 13, 2014 ABC Soaps In Depth. After taking a break to really think about this responsibility, she learned more about the organization’s good works. That’s when she came to a realization: This was where she belonged. “I had to take a break from [promoting the cause], because I didn’t know what I was doing. It was in the lull of me not tweeting or Facebooking [about it], where I started reading all the material that was being sent to me. I fell in love with these kids! I realized it doesn’t matter where they are. They’re kids.”

Roger Howarth (Franco; ex-Todd Manning, OLTL) will soon appear on the CW series The Flash in the recurring role of Mason Bridge, an award-winning Central City Picture News reporter. The Flash airs on Tuesday nights. Howarth’s time on the primetime series will not conflict with his GH obligations.

Former Texas cheerleader and model Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) didn’t initially want to be an actress when she signed on with an L.A. agent at the age of 17. She really saw herself as a vocalist. Too bad she can’t sing a note! “I don’t have a voice at all, so please don’t ask me to sing!” –ABC Soaps In Depth, October 13-27, 2014

Vinessa Antoine (Jordan) studied to be a dancer at a very young age, four. So it stands to reason that when she paired up on-screen with fellow law enforcement titan Anna Devane Scorpio (dancer Finola Hughes), it was a dream come true. “I am a huge fan! I know all [Hughes’] lines from [the dance movie] Staying Alive [starring John Travolta too]. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to work with her.” –ABC Soaps In Depth, October 13-27, 2014

Constance Towers (Helena) alluded to dissatisfaction with the way her villainous character had been portrayed a little out of character before. “She drifted off into this maniacal, knife-wielding character that you couldn’t relate to,” Towers said in the October 13-27, 2014 issue of ABC Soaps In Depth. “For awhile, she was dumbed down to making stupid mistakes. Now, they’ve given this wonderful intelligence back to her. She’s ahead of everybody. I’m thrilled to be back.”

Linda Elena Tovar (Rosalie) lucked out when she scored a role on GH. She quickly benefitted from her exciting villainous pairing with the award-winning actress Michelle Stafford (Nina; ex-Phyllis, Y&R). Always looking to play the lines in between and left of center, Stafford encouraged Tovar to freely move around in this new character; the sky’s the limit. “When we started working together, Michelle told me, ‘Don’t be afraid to make Rosalie what you’ve always wanted to make a character.’ That was the best advice that she could possibly have given me.” Together, the two actresses — the newcomer and the veteran — built an intriguing relationship with a power all its own. They tap into that power, as if they’re the only two people in this secret club (it’s called actor-inspired back story), for some powerful screen moments. One wasn’t even scripted, but Stafford felt moved to slip in a hug and an “I love you!” to Rosalie in the moment. Tovar dug the spontaneity, “That was so cool, because I do think that they actually do like and need each other in a way and have a real love/hate relationship.” –ABC Soaps In Depth, “Comic Relief” by Rosemary A. Rossi, October 13-27, 2014

Gossip for the week of 27-Oct-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Tonja Walker (ex-Alex, OLTL) has been actively campaigning to return to GH as the back-from-the-dead Olivia Jerome. Walker said that fans have posted on her Facebook/Twitter that this return would make their day. And she, in turn, has reached out to head writer Ron Carlivati about it on Facebook. The thought of her on-screen with the fabulous Maura West (Ava): “I think we’d eat the furniture up!” –ABC Soaps In Depth, October 13-27, 2014

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