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News for the week of 31-Aug-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Brytni Sarpy revealed some insider secrets as an Equinox fitness trainer in an August 26th interview with Madeleine Kim. Sarpy is an actress, a soap newcomer, Equinox trainer, dancer, and former high school track star, so she’s obviously very fit. Eventually, she said she’d like to help young women get and stay healthy, while also reaching out to those without easy access to facilities and clean foods, as a spokesperson. In the interview, some of the tips she gave included avoiding red meat and chicken, stretching before any routine — although she admitted she stretches way too much, “I have a couple of socket issues in my hip because I’m hyperextended, and overstretching actually exacerbates that” — and trying what’s called plyometrics (jump training). Since landing the role of Valerie on GH, Sarpy’s had to make a few adjustments to accommodate a different schedule. “It’s definitely been a reconfiguration of things as far as having the time goes, since I have a little more of a Monday through Friday schedule now. I don’t do as many classes; before, I was getting into a lot of Animal Flow and VIPR work, and just kind of expanding my base. But I still get in my cardio and my stretching. And I have a pretty killer ab and butt routine.” Since Sarpy’s a Pescatarian, a person who only eats seafood, the places she can go out to eat are limited. She favors sushi, but at sushi places like California chain Sugarfish that try to use ecologically friendly sourced fish. Her weakness: donuts. She doesn't even try to avoid them.

Gossip for the week of 31-Aug-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

GH’s cast and crew are on a summer break until September 21. According to the buzz in social media, the stories of new co-head writers Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman begin filming on Monday, which means air time around October.

In the new ABC Soaps In Depth interview with the new co-head writers, the show will enjoy a refocus on what matters, the core families and a more humanitarian interest. For example, yes, Sonny will return his attention to the mob but his family will not pay the price with any neglect. Sonny’s humanity will remain front and center as he worries about his children. Viewers have already seen the foundation of this refocus in the weeks prior.

Bryan Craig’s (Morgan) back on Twitter after his self-imposed, week-long break. He was met with an avalanche of love, devotion, and admiration for his Emmy-worthy scenes opposite Emmy-winning soap veteran Maurice Benard (Sonny) last Friday. When Sonny opened himself up to save his son — suspected of carrying the same bi-polar disorder — Craig rose up and met the tortured gaze with shades of intensity and mercurial lightness, calling to mind the recklessness of Rebel Without A Cause’s James Dean and the subtle shifts in gravity of Forsyte Saga’s Damian Lewis. When Morgan’s in the room, he definitely does exude the force of a “ticking time bomb,” as Craig himself tweeted on August 28. Morgan causes great fear and trepidation not only in the characters who approach him but in viewers who have no idea what this young actor will do next. As the compliments poured on Twitter, Craig responded genuinely, “I'm very passionate about playing bipolar, it's a very serious matter and I want to do it justice and bring awareness to it. Giving my best… Wow the compliments have been overwhelming, I can't thank everyone enough, really an honor to be touching on such an important subject.” Look for a SoapHub commentary soon.

In the meantime, check out my new SoapHub commentary about several outstanding newcomers to GH: Brytni Sarpy (Valerie), Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon), and Linda Elena Tovar (Rosalie). I also noticed a vast improvement in GH as of late, as if the new co-head writers were already hustling rewrites on Ron Carlivati’s material as far back as the beginning of August.

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