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Previews for the week of 23-Nov-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • No new Y&R Thursday-Friday, because of Thanksgiving. The East Coast will enjoy a rerun on Thanksgiving Thursday. The East Coast and Central will enjoy another rerun Friday.
  • Victor tempts Adam into hitting below the belt in this next important endeavor. Actually, Victor doesn’t give Adam much of an option.
  • Hilary is on pins and needles about the state of her life and what’s to come.
  • Hilary takes off, freaking out Neil and Devon.
  • Gwen pushes Neil to just be honest with Devon, but she’s acting out herself.
  • Dr. Simon Neville finds he has no other choice but to cut the crap.
  • Devon finds Neil’s belief in this Simon a little far-fetched, when it comes to Hilary’s welfare.
  • Just as Devon starts to ask a bunch of enlightening questions, Neil caves and gives it up.
  • Neil faces the music, answering to a very angry Devon.
  • Gwen wouldn’t miss this for the world, witnessing Devon’s astonishment at the lengths Neil went to. She also wants to make sure Neil doesn’t give her up too.
  • Gwen departs before Neil finishes giving up every detail of his dastardly plot to Devon.
  • Colin makes himself useful by actually pushing Cane to do the right thing and make sure everyone knows he’s not capable of what they’re accusing him of.
  • Lily tries to resist… Is resistance futile?
  • Cane lays out his hypothesis about Joe being behind all this and setting him up so he could have access to Lily — bending Paul’s ear.
  • Cane gets Paul to drag Joe in for a proper police shakedown. But why is Cane’s wife Lily with Joe? This causes Cane a great deal of pain.
  • Lily defends Joe as wrongly accused, which just sends Cane into a fit.
  • Lily and Cane ratchet up their fight over Joe.
  • Nick puts Dr. Anderson on the spot for getting too nosy about his clan.
  • Dr. Anderson is after Nick.
  • Sharon will watch the sh*t hit the fan, personally.
  • At least Sharon gets to be with Dylan again.
  • Dylan tries to get to the truth with Simon.
  • Simon gives Dylan bad medicine.
  • Could Billy and Phyllis be orchestrating the Paragon mess?
  • Billy’s agenda is clear: Take down Victor Newman, who cares how it’s done.
  • Gwen has a bad time of it. She doesn’t like getting rejected. She only wishes the worst for Neil.

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