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Previews for the week of 31-Aug-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Adam and Chelsea scheme to attack Victor where it hurts.
  • Victoria turns cold as a stone, rejecting Billy.
  • Billy and Ashley have no choice but to pump Jack on what his true agenda is.
  • Once Adam’s true identity comes out, expect people like Billy to want to make the guy pay.
  • Sage wishes she and Gabriel never brought their insanity over to Genoa City.
  • Nick must act on the lesser of two evils.
  • Sharon chooses not to tell Dylan that she miscarried their child. Instead, she chooses to sex him up so she can get pregnant again and he’ll never be the wiser. But he starts wondering what’s gotten into her.
  • Something bad happens to Sharon, throwing her into a tizzy. Dylan steps in as her hero to battle outside forces.
  • Dylan digs into Sharon’s life and comes up with a terrible mystery wrapped in a riddle.
  • Paul has to treat Devon as a criminal in a case where he is most likely innocent and being railroaded by Neil.
  • After working overseas ensuring Chancellor Industries has a foothold, Jill comes back into town to deal with the mess surrounding Devon/Hilary.
  • Neil may be fooling everybody else, but he’s not fooling Jill. She gives him the evil eye regarding this Devon mess. No way in hell is Neil that forgiving.
  • As for Colin, Jill knows he pulled some shit but won’t confront him about it.
  • Neil intends on exacting his pound of flesh from Devon and Hilary, starting by ending their marriage before it begins.
  • Neil must face the music when his former boss gets a hold of him.
  • Nikki worries that Neil’s not letting go of his vendetta, and that this vendetta will be the death of him.
  • Neil and Nikki’s friendship becomes something else in a New York minute.
  • Cane finds out that Lily’s been holding out on him.
  • Ashley must deal with the mother of all bad news involving her well-being.
  • Ashley makes a bad move in business, putting the family company at risk.
  • Abby finds herself in over her head in business, compelling her to reach out to Stitch.
  • The anniversary of Katherine’s death draws everyone in town for a memorial.
  • Noah might finally have found the love of his life with Marisa. But then, what does Noah really know about her? What he finds out will threaten what they have.
  • Another character gets in the middle of Noah’s good thing with Marisa.

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