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Previews for the week of 25-May-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • On Memorial Day, Y&R will air scenes from the Newman/Abbott merger affair, as an inebriated, defiant Tobias Gray makes his sudden appearance, Victor tries to shoo him away, Kevin and Mariah play detective in a random motel room, and Tobias is later mowed down in a car accident, leaving him to utter, “Austin,” right before he croaks.
  • Tobias was wracked with a tremendous amount of guilt before flatlining in the hospital, but about what exactly?
  • Ashley finds it curious that Jack acted like Tobias was a complete stranger.
  • After busting in on the celebration of the Newman/Abbott merger, Tobias tries to get out all the secrets he’s been sitting on. He teases that these secrets are horrific.
  • Tobias manages to spill Victor’s biggest secret: Tobias was planted at Jabot as Victor’s eyes and ears.
  • Summer and Kyle suspect Tobias of mowing down Austin and Courtney. They come to this conclusion because it seems Austin had Tobias’ number.
  • The biggest deal this week is Nikki’s massive intervention, scheduled to play out on Thursday. Neil’s to blame, or credit.
  • Neil’s only trying to help his fellow boozehound. But Nick balks a little, because Victor’s involved in the intervention and he doesn’t trust his dad with squat.
  • Nikki feels blindsided when her family and friends turn what she supposed was a fiesta at the Newman Ranch into an embarrassing intervention. She at first turns on them all for overreacting.
  • Billy tries to capture the essence of the Newman mystic curse when giving Sage a head’s up.
  • Victoria plays detective, to get to the bottom of the curious deja-vu of Gabriel.
  • Adam/Gabriel pulls one of the biggest, most daring stunts ever to gain ground. It could should blow up in his face.
  • Fake-Jack (Marco) continues to try to pull the wool over Phyllis’ eyes.
  • Fake-Jack and Victor will engage in a blowout of epic proportions.
  • Neil comes to a profound conclusion about his life.
  • Something’s terribly wrong with Michael. He’s gonna implode in this sick, twisted quadrangle trying to play god.
  • Avery snarks imposes on Dylan re: the subject of his interest in Sharon. The bitch is out of the bottle, eh.
  • Detective Harding returns to the force bearing secrets of his own. He’s tight-lipped.

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