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Previews for the week of 18-May-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • If Victor’s not careful, all his careful scheming will go up in smoke and he’ll have no one to blame but the man he’s secretly aligned with.
  • Victor vs. Fake-Jack: It’s on.
  • Victor makes a dramatic move at Newman-Abbott.
  • The Newman-Abbott merger shindig welcomes a surprise visitor.
  • Nikki’s still battling the bottle. Her sobriety is on tenuous ground.
  • Gabriel thinks it would be better if Chelsea’s fashion line benefit from his creative spark. He lays out his design for Victoria, but she’s skeptical.
  • Victoria accuses Chelsea of having her hands all over this.
  • Victoria and Gabriel (Adam) get into a snarking match, because they don’t see eye to eye on Chelsea’s fashion line.
  • Her encounters with Gabe give Victoria an uneasy sense of deja-vu. She means to figure him out.
  • Chelsea levels Victoria for only being vindictive after the Billy affair.
  • Nick and Sage play house, starting with real estate.
  • Nick is dying to fill his ex-wife Sharon in on Sage being in the family way.
  • However, Sage worries that Sharon will go cuckoo for Coco Puffs the minute the pregnancy comes out, considering that woman’s bi-polar past.
  • Sage harbors another worry: that she’s carrying Gabriel/Adam’s baby for real. It’s not her intention to trick Nick, either.
  • Nick insists he can explain Sage’s family way to Sharon without flipping that switch.
  • Nick, Sage, and Sharon wind up in the same place, tensions rising.
  • Avery observes Dylan around Sharon. It’s clear the two have become an item.
  • Avery believes she has what it takes to compete by taking advantage of Dylan’s soft spots.
  • Sharon and Dylan, straight-up porn. Now, she’s full of … questions about the status of their fling.
  • Dylan gives Sharon pause when he actually states that he really finds her attractive.
  • Jack’s week just turned into a train wreck.
  • Phyllis looks askance at Jack, then does something about it, which will jeopardize her entire family.
  • Phyllis blames Joe for a lot, giving him grief. She involves herself in Avery’s welfare.
  • Fed up beyond belief, Fen lays out his parents, who aren’t doing so hot.
  • Michael behaves like an evil twin, slamming divorce documents on Lauren, like she’s nothing.
  • There’s something terribly wrong with Michael; he’s gone off the deep end.
  • Paul syncs up evidence to determine the felon putting Fen over a barrel. This guy isn’t very nice. He’s got a record a mile long, because he’s Marco Anacelli, a South American drug kingpin with a history of wiping out any witnesses.
  • Paul relays this intel to an FBI agent.
  • Kevin tries to be the tough guy saving the day — by nailing this psycho, which only raises Mariah’s anxiety even more.
  • Victor feels he must get something off his chest with Neil.
  • Lily rip-roars into Devon and Hilary.
  • When Summer and Kyle chat privately, they have a nagging feeling that another party is absorbing every word. Kyle tries to grab the spy before he/she can get away.

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