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Previews for the week of 26-Jan-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Nikki turns to booze in a monumental moment of weakness. Not sure if Victor’s strong enough of an incentive to go clean this time.
  • If Nick hadn’t pulled this, Sharon wouldn’t have to be unethical in holding onto Faith. But alas.
  • Sharon holds the idea of a restraining order over Nick’s head if he doesn’t cease and desist in being Faith’s coach.
  • Nick doesn’t care what Sharon pulls, he’s ready to go all-out in this custody war.
  • But all Faith wants is to somehow bring her mommy and daddy back together, in love again, not war.
  • Nick locks onto a big secret involving Gabriel (Adam) and Sage.
  • Jill ramps up her battle with Victor over Chancellor Industries. In her eyes, she’s doing it for Katherine, a noble cause.
  • Chelsea relays discomfiting information about Gabriel and the hotel thing to Billy, which prompts…
  • …Billy to peg Gabriel as a sicko smitten Chelsea-follower.
  • To avoid being found out prematurely, Adam (as Gabriel) plants one on Sage in front of Chelsea. This seems to shut her up.
  • Gabriel’s masquerade won’t last the test of time. Chelsea begins to grasp new developmental possibilities in Adam’s presumed death.
  • Victoria and Stitch face a fork in their pairing. What will they decide?
  • What a letdown for Ashley, after all this build-up. It’s business.
  • Phyllis and/or Kelly may finally snap into psycho mode.
  • Neil may be thirsty, but he isn’t a fool for long. He can’t help but notice Hilary’s down in the dumps and going through the motions. When prompted, she continues to stump for her happy life with him, then fixes her husband breakfast.
  • Neil harangues Hilary to just be upfront with him about all the pussyfooting around. And she just might cough it up. She goes so far as to say she’s bothered by ... ?
  • In lesser news, Dylan prepares to up all the stakes for Avery against her ex-husband Joe. But Dylan may go too far in besting Joe this time, like maybe criminally.

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