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Previews for the week of 29-Jun-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • The fallout from Avery’s violent rape continues to impact those who care about her, especially an angry and out of control Dylan.
  • Dylan gets his hands on Joe, believing this is Avery’s rapist. But, is it? What if it’s fake Jack, aka Marco?
  • Dylan means to make this evil bastard pay and pay dearly.
  • Avery is certain Joe violated her brutally, and says she is willing to pay any price for retribution. Phyllis reacts with justifiable rage at what her sister has had to endure.
  • What happens to Lily, now that she gave it up for Joe, the accused rapist? She’s busy trying to get back with Cane and make things right with Hilary/Devon, believe it or not.
  • Mattie asks Hilary and Devon to join them at the park for the festivities. Lily allows it, too. When Lily sees the embattled couple, she’s actually nice.
  • Seeing Lily behave decently around Hilary and Devon makes Cane’s heart glad.
  • Sharon gives up a private matter to Dylan, opening up.
  • Jack will tear fake Jack/Marco to pieces. But first, the guy has to wake up from his coma.
  • Marco dares Marisa to use that gun the way it’s intended. If she has the guts.
  • Gabriel (Adam) offers Victor an out, provided he gain Newman-Abbott as payment.
  • When Ashley goes off on a Victor tirade, Abby counters with reasons the man’s a good person.
  • Nick and Victor engage in a bad argument. Nick’s about had it with his wayward, controlling father.
  • Noah wants to follow in Victor’s footsteps, however.
  • Marisa gives Adam a ring-a-ding-ding on the down-low. She conspiratorially assures him that Marco’s been taken care of.
  • Noah shows his chivalry for damsel in distress Marisa, who drops in a faint right into his arms at the Underground.
  • Noah acts like a schoolboy with a severe crush around Marisa.
  • Noah lets Marisa sleep over at his place, but soon proceeds to pump her for information after her story doesn’t add up.
  • Sooner or later, Adam will have to come out of hiding in plain sight as Gabriel. And then, Sage will have some explaining to do to the usually self-righteous Nick. This could be the end game for Nick and Sage.
  • The only thing keeping Sage in the clear once the dust settles is that she was ignorant of all the crap Adam pulled before he came into her life.
  • Chelsea tries to take care of a stressed Gabriel (Adam), easing his tension.
  • Billy hounds Victoria, because he thinks she’s onto some deep, dark secret.
  • Nikki unburdens herself with Neil about an important secret.
  • Neil strongly campaigns for Nikki to include Paul in this crucial detail.
  • Kevin gets closer to some answers about this serial killer running amuck, but it could cost him.
  • Stitch worries for Ashley’s mental welfare, seeing as she’s throwing her weight around with so much rampant rage. His worry could be concealing secret desire that’s never gone away.
  • Once Ashley and Stitch get into a serious tiff, she falls ill again.
  • Stitch is only too happy to nurse Ashley back to health, and she is only too happy to lap it up.
  • Ashley feels the pull back to Stitch.

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