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Previews for the week of 29-Sep-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Victor brings in the FBI for the war about to come. It’s for his clan.
  • Victor fills Victoria and Abby in on his next move: nabbing the Abbott family for incarceration.
  • Jack and Billy get in big legal trouble.
  • The cops apprehend Billy for it.
  • Adam orders Ian to stop it with the Paragon Project already.
  • Maybe too late. Kevin is onto Ian’s role in the Paragon Project, and he intends to keep digging until he uncovers the co-conspirator.
  • Kevin updates Chelsea and Adam about the cyber-attack suffered by the Newmans: the perpetrator did it next door to their penthouse.
  • Adam attempts to concoct another scenario so nobody is the wiser to his involvement.
  • Chelsea remains typically clueless about what’s going on with Adam’s undercover schemes. She notices that he doesn’t seem to give much of a damn about Kevin’s findings.
  • When Chelsea spies Adam leaving that penthouse next door, she calls him out as the Paragon Project founder.
  • The state of Chelsea 2.0 bothers its founder greatly.
  • Billy’s gonna find out about Gabriel/Adam soon.
  • Ian Ward annoys Phyllis greatly.
  • Summer’s latest info gives Phyllis serious pause.
  • Fed up with Marisa’s lies, Noah ends things.
  • Marisa coughs up everything, so Noah won’t walk. Everything includes the dirt on Jack, Marco, and Victor.
  • Noah listens to Marisa’s side of the story, feeling compassion for her.
  • Noah takes up Marisa’s cause, calling out the one character who caused her the most pain.
  • Authorities and loved ones amp up the hunt for Hilary, as she continues to go missing.
  • When Neil hears that Paul interrogated the pilot, the plot thickens and his resolve weakens.
  • Neil must go into overdrive to hide his trail of evidence, starting with that pilot.
  • Neil orders the pilot to bail, so the authorities can’t come back with more inquiries.
  • Gwen catches Neil lurking in the park. She suspects he’s not been truthful about his whereabouts. New York, my ass.
  • Devon’s in a world of hurt: He faces a kidnapping and possibly murder charge, but he’s innocent. Neil knows this; it’s killing him.
  • Devon insists on getting the lowdown about Hilary.
  • Neil has to play the waiting game. He can’t save Devon from prison until Hilary is able to come back.
  • With Kevin and Dylan’s help, Hilary’s disappearance may soon have answers, with the real culprit in custody.
  • Dylan finds a ton of clues, closer to the motherlode of a mystery.
  • Dylan brings Stitch in on this mystery caper.
  • Paul checks in on his wacky sister Patty. Will she spill?

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