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Previews for the week of 20-Apr-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Kelly tries to force Jack to love her, to even state verbally that he loves her, but he won’t and for that, it costs him.
  • Jack makes a break for it, but Kelly’s a beat faster than him. She causes bodily harm to him for running, then acts like a concerned nursemaid after. Psycho.
  • Jack then tries a different tack by pretending to respond to Kelly’s kisses.
  • It is revealed that Victor discovered another lookalike, this time, Jack’s, a few years ago and had been planning for this eventuality.
  • The silent partner of Victor’s is silent and invisible no longer.
  • Victoria forces Stitch to admit the truth about who he’d rather play hide the salami with, for the long haul, and it’s not her. Well, that ended it.
  • Chelsea lays into Victoria, as the two go ‘round and ‘round in a vicious trip.
  • Stitch can’t wait to run to Abby with this. She gets a guilt trip, which he tries hard to remedy.
  • Stitch loves on Abby — with his lips — to let her know he’s into her.
  • Abby tosses aside any reservations, to love Stitch back.
  • Ashley’s only concern is saving Jabot, which is in danger. She doesn’t see the company coming out of this one.
  • If Avery isn’t careful, Sharon’s gonna steal Dylan out from under her. Dylan’s committed to Sharon’s welfare. He can’t help it.
  • Sharon looks into the face of her own incarceration as the clues mount against her.
  • Paul tries to intervene, cautioning Dylan not to go rogue to save Sharon — for Avery’s sake — which causes a commotion.
  • Lauren struggles to figure Michael out, sensing a distance in their marriage now.
  • As Neil’s court case gets underway, Devon takes it upon himself to fret about Neil’s self-destructive behavior before the judge even kicks things off.
  • But all Neil wants is to own up to what he’s done, and pay and pay, as he tries to make Devon understand.
  • Hilary works Winston Mobley to every advantage, for a noble cause.
  • Neil makes peace with Cane, finally allowing himself to see this guy’s side when it came to the no-win situation with Devon and Hilary.
  • As for Devon, Neil still struggles with peace there. But he’s closer.
  • Christine is brutal to Nikki during Neil’s trial.
  • Neil’s trial takes a surprising twist, full of drama, drama, drama.
  • The medical diagnosis for Joe crushes him, and Avery.
  • The diagnosis hits Avery hard, but works in Joe’s favor as she tends to his every need.
  • But Joe doesn’t even notice that he has Avery right where he wants her. All he sees is his crippled condition. He whines to Dylan to go ahead and take Avery back.
  • Avery takes Joe in like a stray dog off the street, acting like a martyr for his sake.

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