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Previews for the week of 07-Mar-2016

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Morale of this story: Don’t f*ck with Phyllis. Victor feels the full brunt of her wrath, going all the way back to what he let Marco do to her.
  • Phyllis is the one who orchestrated Adam’s kidnapping, and now she’s the one who’s pushing Michael to throw the case as Victor’s lawyer.
  • What Michael considers could jeopardize everything he’s worked for as a powerful, respected attorney in this town.
  • Jack would rather this not happen at all. But nobody’s really listening to him.
  • Victoria is only now getting up to speed about the lengths both Victor and Billy have gone for Phyllis’s vendetta.
  • Victoria scolds Victor for his part in all this, while championing Billy.
  • Victor charges his own daughter Victoria with plotting against him by throwing in with Billy, just to snag that PassKey program.
  • Of course Victoria is aghast that her own father would even think such a thing when she’s always been loyal.
  • Summer comes in to fill Victoria’s ear with bad blood about Billy conniving with Phyllis and Natalie all along.
  • It’s the part about Billy keeping this from her that really bugs Victoria. Nothing’s changed with him.
  • Victoria expects Billy to start talking, especially after what her dad told her.
  • As she stares at Billy, who let her down once again, Victoria debates whether to let him go.
  • Victoria and Phyllis go toe to toe in a battle royale.
  • It finally occurs to Victor the extent of Phyllis’ treachery, up to and including fooling him into letting Natalie go.
  • Victor will participate in a scheme that could be his undoing.
  • Phyllis and Billy allow themselves to gloat over acquiring the PassKey program via Natalie.
  • Phyllis and Billy broadcast the PassKey acquisition, as a team. For Jack, it’s the first he’s heard of this. They are nevertheless proud of themselves, because it’s for the greater good: sticking it to Victor after he basically allowed a psycho to rape her.
  • Jack demands to know what’s going on when he sees the news about Jabot acquiring a new Internet security program that belonged to Victor once. He takes up the matter with a defiant Phyllis and Billy both.
  • Nikki puts her foot down about this.
  • The Newman family have a caucus to determine the next course of action for their business.
  • Chelsea’s main concern is Adam’s refusal to move forward. His family could be his curse.
  • Michael confides in Lauren about what he’s going through.
  • It bothers Nick to watch Sage falling over herself to get in this young, unwed mom-to-be’s good graces — just for the baby. Maybe Sage is using the unborn baby as a surrogate for their dead Christian.
  • Maybe Nick and Sage should talk to Ben “Stitch” about whether parenting is all it’s cracked up to be. That guy’s got his hands full dealing with the bad seed from hell, Max.
  • What if Sage goes through all that trouble to win over Shawn, only to see her chances at adopting that unborn baby go bye-bye in the end? That’s Nick’s worst nightmare.
  • Sage’s next move is to win over and seal the deal with the young, pregnant Shawn over a nice meal.
  • When Neil tries to help Devon by pointing out that Hilary is just as ruthless as Victor in the boardroom, Devon will not have any of it — even though he’s witnessed her in action being a bitch to Ashley.
  • Devon also suspects that it’s personal between Hilary and Ashley, not just business as usual.
  • Devon dismisses Neil’s advice to keep a tighter leash on Hilary in the boardroom. She’s not that bad, Devon thinks. But Devon doesn’t know her as well as Neil does. Devon tends to romanticize Hilary.
  • Devon tries to steer Hilary on the straight and narrow when it comes to her business dealings. What a fool.
  • Dr. Simon Neville insists Ashley undergo a frightening MRI. But she’d rather just let it go and die. She’s too exhausted to deal with this.
  • Ashley will suffer tremendously from her condition and the circumstances surrounding her dramatic life for a bit longer.
  • Ashley shows Simon her bitch side, as weariness takes over. She simply can’t deal with his hassling her a minute longer.
  • Simon has a stake in Ashley getting better; he kind of digs her.
  • Ben feels blindsided when social services steps in to determine potential abuse by interviewing Max.
  • Ben has no other recourse than to resort to the law, hire counsel (Michael), and fight for custody of his son Max.
  • Max continues to cause conflict between Abby and Stitch.
  • One day soon, Max will stroll by the Jabot laboratory, where he’s privy to a huge secret.

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