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Previews for the week of 01-Sep-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Monday, Labor Day: pre-emption for the U.S. Tennis Open. Same with Friday.
  • Phyllis begins to come around, just around the same time Jack and Kelly get settled in together in his mansion.
  • As soon as Phyllis blinks her eyes, Victor’s on her like a shot, putting the screws to her about what she knows of Sharon and the day she was found at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Ian forces Mariah to be his wife, by sheer benefit of beating Nick and Sharon to the punch. He feels he’s ripe to pluck her familial riches. But his days are numbered.
  • Nick makes sure Mariah’s treated immediately by doctors. She holds onto him for dear life, appreciative.
  • Sharon makes sure she’s there too, constantly reminding Mariah she’s got backup.
  • Mariah doesn’t understand Sharon’s about-face.
  • Mariah begins to detail to Sharon and Nick what Ian did to her.
  • Sharon promises Mariah that she and Nick will deal with Ian’s forcing her to marry, then, brings the emotional hammer down.
  • Sharon introduces herself as Mariah’s real mom and Helen Copeland as the fake who followed Ian’s directive.
  • Nick assigns himself as the glue for his clan’s well-being.
  • As Ian’s blows are met with defeat, he increasingly focuses on Nikki as the source of his problem.
  • Ian goes to Nikki’s place to inject her and god knows what else. She’s terrified of course, when Dylan phones.
  • Nikki manages to get a message back to Dylan that something’s wrong and to come help.
  • Dylan grabs Paul and together they go.
  • What’s happened to Ian Ward? Maybe another convoluted murder mystery, with a lot of people up for the role.
  • Something bad happens in Michael and Lauren’s marriage. Let the grand design and great divide crack open.
  • Ashley comes back home, intending to take Jabot by storm. She encounters resistance.
  • Ashley also means to take Stitch for her very own, starting with an enticing offer. She will get in the way of Victoria and Stitch, and then there’s Billy.
  • To quote a soap fan on Twitter: “Neil needs to die. Let his blind, thirsty behind join Druscilla over that cliff.” If it weren’t for his desperation to replace any love at any cost, maybe the people in his life would suffer a lot less.
  • Next week:  Who cares about Neil’s blind, thirsty behind? The original Malcolm’s back, baby, and lookin’ so fine!... The psycho-bitch is back, with a vengeance. Watch out, Sharon… When Phyllis awakens from her coma, heads are gonna roll and Kelly’s world will collapse… Kelly understandably worries that Phyllis will take Jack away from her… If only Victor would leave Sharon well enough alone. If he isn’t careful, he’ll lose Nikki… Nikki gravitates toward Paul, pissing off Christine… Jill finds out all about Kurtz’s money-laundering outfit at Fenmore’s expense. All because of Colin’s mounting IOUs.

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