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Previews for the week of 27-Jul-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Dylan shares a confidence with Sharon only.
  • Gabriel (Adam) thinks he’s talking privately with Nick about whether he could have knocked Sage up, and whether that unborn baby is about her interest in Nick’s finances and not love.
  • Nick admits that he’s aware there’s a possibility he’s not the father of Sage’s unborn, that Gabriel could be. Gabe makes the most of this uncertainty.
  • Gabe twists the knife by reminding Nick that this isn’t his first who’s-the-daddy rodeo, is it? Shh, Chelsea’s listening!
  • Adam must placate Chelsea when she learns of Sage’s baby daddy drama. That unborn child could be either Nick or Adam’s.
  • Adam places himself at a crossroads when he and Sage had comfort sex. He tries to get Chelsea to see that he was brokenhearted at the time about her engagement to Billy. Nevertheless, learning about Sage upsets and dismays Chelsea.
  • Adam asserts that, if he did sire the baby Sage is carrying, Victor will never have any influence over that child.
  • Inwardly, Adam frets that Chelsea may know too much and be tempted to rat him out publicly.
  • Victoria implores her father, Victor, to give her all the details of what really is going on, so she can help.
  • Jack figures it’s in his best interest to drop the Marco references, at least momentarily. He won’t even relay to his own wife Phyllis what he knows, yet. Well, he can’t very well blow her mind by saying that she’s been screwing Marco instead of him.
  • Phyllis can tell Jack has been through a personality-changing rite of passage.
  • It bothers Phyllis to see Jack all secretive and shit. She worries about the health of her marriage. Wait’ll she finds out she’s been having sex with the wrong man all this time…
  • Even if Avery left Genoa City, she’s still available for conference calls. Phyllis rings her sister up to whine about Jack.
  • Like an obsessed fool, Jack uses this life experience as another means to try to top Victor in the game of one-upmanship and payback.
  • Jack befriends the last person you’d think in waging war on his mortal enemy Victor.
  • Nikki worries that Neil’s unresolved rage regarding Devon and Hilary will be his undoing. It just may.
  • Lauren preaches reason in a sea of chaos and mayhem.
  • Is it the end of Lily and Cane? If he doesn’t forgive her instantly, it may be.
  • Lily becomes alarmed by Cane appearing in quite a state — hangover? — following an evening getting hammered.
  • Cane puts Lily off with his holier-than-thou attitude. She wishes he’d get over it already.
  • Lily is finding Joe a better opportunity the more she is around Avery’s ex. Joe makes her laugh and makes her forget her Cane troubles. Meanwhile, Cane’s refusal to easily forgive turns Lily off.
  • Lily asks herself the possible reasons for Cane’s inability to grant her grace.
  • Lily agrees to hang out with Joe and enjoy a repast. Over their dinner date, Lily begins to fall for Joe.
  • Cane intercepts Joe trying to get his game on with Lily.
  • Cane commences with the sermon from the Mount. Joe rolls his eyes and makes his disagreement clear.
  • Joe champions Lily, which only serves to goad Cane further with his jealousy. (Didn’t this happen last week?)
  • Devon must deal with a major catastrophe in the making, taking him away from his wedding preparations and leaving him in a terribly bad position.
  • Devon’s bachelor party becomes a disaster.

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