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Previews for the week of 21-Apr-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Chloe’s next move astonishes and dismays Billy. She could be going out of town to clear her head.
  • Colin makes a bold grab to get his clan back.
  • Ashley shows up at the hospital all of a sudden, thinking she can simply pick Stitch up for a social outing. Unfortunately, he says he’s got other plans with Victoria. The claws then come out.
  • Ashley and Victoria vie for Stitch.
  • Ashley and Victoria argue about what’s going on.
  • Victoria hits below the belt, telling Ashley she’s only on a tear because she’s bummed she can’t be with Stitch first.
  • When Victoria goes out with Stitch, something happens they hadn’t foreseen.
  • Victor finds himself in a pickle.
  • Jack and Kelly as a likely couple continues to unnerve Summer.
  • Victor advises Summer to keep her eyes open when it comes to Sharon, the snake.
  • Nick has a chance to be there for Sharon in a crucial moment.
  • Sharon broaches the subject of Phyllis with Jack. Sharon has something to say.
  • Sharon and Jack go over what she can remember.
  • The truth could leave Sharon with nothing. It’s a race against time as to whether her secret sees the light of day.
  • Nick follows clues to this pretend Cassie’s hotel room. There, he riffles through pictures of his clan.
  • Imposter-Cassie tries to plead her case to Nick. It was never her intention to destroy Sharon intentionally; it was just a job.
  • Nick tries to get imposter-Cassie to give up her boss, and she does. OMG, Victor?
  • It all comes down at the stable house, when Victor is ambushed by his own son Nick and this Cassie lookalike.
  • Nick lays Victor out for what he’s done to Sharon. Furthermore, Nick cuts Victor out of his life for good.
  • Victor sputters to Nick that Sharon is going to be the death of him, and she’s the one he should be pissed at.
  • Nick and Sharon reel at what’s irrevocably transpired.
  • Billy pops up at Chelsea penthouse, wanting to play with her baby boy Connor and feel alive again. Reluctantly, she lets him in. Old sparks return.
  • What’s going on between Billy and Chelsea, huh? Billy hangs out more with baby Connor, healing his pain over losing Delia. Chelsea sees this and feels less distrustful.
  • Billy and Chelsea discuss his losing Victoria.
  • Chelsea tries to help Billy recover with some words of wisdom and… a kiss results.
  • Paul and Christine may agree to a major outcome in their marriage.
  • Colin reaches out to be nicer to Cane and Lily, in hopes of them inviting him back into their lives.
  • Who is this nefarious, mysterious character coming around for Colin? A big, fat anvil.
  • Jill’s love life just took two steps back.
  • Neil and Hilary cannot contain their ardor much longer. They pitch the woo. Lily’s gonna blow.
  • Hilary reprimands Leslie for leading Neil on only to take up with some stranger.
  • Cane nudges Devon to go for it with Hilary.
  • Abby and Tyler enjoy sexy time as an engaged couple until—
  • Noah and Courtney pitch the woo.
  • Next week:  Victor tries to get Summer to get away from Sharon… What Sharon did to Phyllis very nearly comes out… Abby and Tyler’s enjoyable time together ends… Will Paul and Christine go their separate ways, freeing him for an eventual romance with Nikki?... Neil and Hilary go from platonic to lovers in no time flat.

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