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Previews for the week of 23-Feb-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • It’s time for the fallout from the previous week’s “Flirting With Disaster.”
  • Nikki and Phyllis are able to leave the Underground with the aid of rescue personnel. Can’t say the same about Victor and Jack. The structure falls in on itself completely, leaving the men truly underground.
  • Nick is free to roam around amongst the debris, evading the authorities who’ve cordoned off the block. He manages to pull up a man’s arm. The question is: is this his dad, six feet literally under?
  • Victoria remains steadfastly by her mother’s side as they and others pray for safe recovery.
  • Unable to handle the stress, Nikki drinks more alcohol.
  • Victoria makes her mom answer to her.
  • Underground, a delirious Jack calls out curiously about Adam who’s long gone. Victor pounces on this, but Jack — realizing his faux pas — makes up a plausible lie.
  • It’s not plausible to Victor, who files this tidbit away for future reference with which to damage Jack.
  • Phyllis updates Ashley on what Victor did for Jack.
  • Adam, still posing as Gabriel, catches Sage, his Sage, macking on Nick at the hospital. He will grill her as to the whys and what-fors.
  • Kelly can’t wait to brag to Phyllis about what she did with Jack last night.
  • Phyllis rewards Kelly for her … candor … with a hand to the face and a verbal admonition.
  • Ashley reams Jack about what he did with Kelly.
  • Nikki isn’t the only one to cave because of stress. Summer too, and bad.
  • The cops provide the latest bulletin on Austin.
  • A recast Kyle resurfaces, only to face the wrath of Abby, who is full of pestering.
  • Sage lets Chelsea have it, by telling on Gabriel.
  • Neil refuses to allow Devon to accompany him on his rescue mission to locate Lily. Maybe he could’ve used the help.
  • Now, look at Neil. He’s dying of hypothermia, prone in the ice storm, and losing his mind with images of those who stabbed him in the back, save for his precious Lily.
  • After getting an earful of everyone’s involvement in this betrayal, including her precious Cane, Lily goes on the offensive. She repudiates her husband for joining in the pack of lies against her father.
  • Lily states that she has washed her hands of Cane and Devon both, dead to her.
  • Cane goes crawling on glass practically to get back in Lily’s good graces.
  • When Lily notices Neil’s gone, she falls into a blind panic.
  • What Hilary says next has Devon needing to sit down and process.
  • The Y&R afterthoughts, Jill and Colin, get in on the post-rescue act as the go-between for Lily and Cane.

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