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Previews for the week of 08-Feb-2016

by Carol Banks Weber

  • King Victor issues an edict for Noah to get out of the country, before all hell breaks loose.
  • Adam devises for Noah to be safely out of sight for his plan against Luca to proceed.
  • Arrogance causes Luca to show his pettiness. He lobs an insult about the Newmans and their unfortunate tie to car accidents.
  • Adam ramps up his war with Luca.
  • To Victor, Adam can’t do anything right. Victor reads his eldest son harshly.
  • Adam defends himself. He rebukes Victor for leaving out important info about Noah beforehand.
  • Victor acts like he’s god, regardless of Adam’s explanations or the good Adam has done.
  • Adam is in the doghouse when it comes to Victor. Watch out.
  • Luca shows up, talking big about Victor and Adam’s sore spots (Noah and Delia respectively).
  • Victor gets rid of Adam, so he can get down to brass tacks with Luca — man to man.
  • Victor lays his hands on Luca, who doesn’t flinch. Luca continues to talk trash.
  • Luca covers his butt by making sure Victor knows there are two files ready to go to the cops if he’s killed. The files will damn both Victor and Noah.
  • Victor becomes apoplectic at Luca’s game plan.
  • Victor has no other choice right now but to give in, letting Luca go.
  • Victor makes some moves that are questionable, given the circumstances.
  • Summer faces a fresh start at Newman Enterprises c/o Victor.
  • Luca means to put Adam on blast, letting him know who’s really in charge.
  • Victor and Nikki make a show of being on the same page.
  • Adam shares an important confidence with Chelsea.
  • Noah pulls a daring maneuver himself in all this.
  • Nick arms Sharon with info about having kissed Dr. Anderson.
  • Dr. Anderson raises a red flag for Sharon by going on about Nick a little too much. Sharon wonders if the two knew each other from before. Yeeees, child.
  • Dr. Anderson uses Sharon’s well-being as the reason to keep away from Nick.
  • But the second Sharon brings up that kiss between the not-so-good doctor and her ex-husband, Dr. Anderson loses her cool.
  • Sharon boldly presses her luck with Dr. Anderson, thinking she has nothing to lose. But she better be careful.
  • Sharon and Nick uncover lots more juicy gossip about this crazy-assed doctor, including one nail-biting cliffhanger.
  • Paul and Dylan spend some quality time with a relative, crazy Patty.
  • Sage stares a cliffhanger in the face: Patty’s.
  • Sage probes into Patty’s psyche to ascertain more about Dr. Anderson.
  • But someone has been assigned to spy on Sage and Patty, and make sure the two aren’t in the same room to exchange any info.
  • Dr. Anderson’s identity comes out eventually. Oh wait, there’s more.
  • Victoria would rather be with Billy than return Natalie’s business texts. For now.
  • Victoria and Billy please their soap fan base with lots of loving time.
  • What’s keeping Billy from absolute bliss is business (Victor’s part in the software heist).
  • Billy is hit with guilt after checking on Victoria’s cell phone activity.
  • Jack comes for Neil re: the booze, but he better come correct. It’s on.
  • Phyllis fully intends to ruin Victor’s life. But it may ruin Jack’s.
  • Abby’s marriage continues to face anvils, not the least of which is dealing with Max, the brat.
  • Abby tries to get Max to mind her by setting up ground rules.
  • But then there’s the matter of Ashley, which is harder to circumvent for Abby.
  • An overwhelmed Ashley crumbles from the stress.
  • Stitch springs a stunner on Abby.

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