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The Match From Hell (Submitted by Marty)
17 scenes, last updated 29-Jun-2015 10:10 PM

The Return Of Brenda Barrett
7 scenes, last updated 26-Jul-2011 4:38 PM

Who Whacked Sonny Corinthos?
18 scenes, last updated 30-May-2010 4:01 PM

The Truth About Spinelli (inspired by Marty)
12 scenes, last updated 13-Feb-2014 11:38 PM

GH Reborn
11 scenes, last updated 14-May-2008 12:21 AM

"Lucky Penny" or "A Penny Saved....."
595 scenes, last updated 20-Jul-2009 5:50 PM

AJ and Kristina - Taking A Chance On Love
513 scenes, last updated 06-Jul-2015 10:58 PM

The Sins of the Fathers
617 scenes, last updated 29-Jun-2015 10:17 PM

How to play

HyperFiction allows all SoapZone members to create an online soap opera, each taking their turn at writing a bit of the story.

When you begin a story, you are presented with a scene. Each scene is no more than 200 words long (about 15 lines) and describes your characters' situation. At the end of the scene, HyperFiction presents you with two possible paths to take. When you choose a path, HyperFiction displays the next scene along that path, unless there are no more scenes available. This means it's time for you to contribute!

If you have reached the end of a particular path (indicated by a red light), HyperFiction asks you if you would like to contribute the next scene. If you do, you can then type in a scene. After you have written the scene, HyperFiction asks you to enter two possible choices for readers to take -- two more paths in the story.

If this sounds complex, just give it a try. It's very simple, and a lot of fun. Nobody knows where these stories lead because they haven't been written yet -- that's up to you!


If someone kills off a character in a story to which you're contributing, don't get upset. Just find a creative way to bring that character back to life!

General Hospital has a rich history of characters to draw from when introducing characters into a HyperFiction story, so feel free to bring back past favorites from the show. However, please don't introduce new characters that haven't been on GH before, or characters from other soaps -- doing so might prevent people from taking part in the story if they're not familiar with that character's history.

When writing new scenes, keep your language clean. Scenes containing obscene or profane language will be removed without notice, and repeat offenders will lose their scene-writing privileges. No pornographic stories!