General Hospital Voting Booth

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The Michael Plan to Get Nell storyline... -- 13 votes
12 (92.3%) Please, end it already!
1 (7.7%) Cannot get enough!

The beautiful actress who plays Jordan is leaving for a pilot, and will be recast. You think that is a good idea? -- 14 votes
11 (78.6%) No! Write Jordan out, and let Curtis move on.
2 (14.3%) I don't really care.
1 (7.1%) Yes. The character is needed.

I love Hayley Erin, and think she is one of the best recast ever on GH. But although her storyline is important, and I hate Bensch, it's making me like her less. You? -- 13 votes
5 (38.5%) No
4 (30.8%) I have never cared about Kiki.
2 (15.4%) I get what you are saying, but I think we need to wait until the conclusion of the story to decide.
2 (15.4%) Yes

According to spoilers, it looks like they are heading towards Drew and Marguax (Liz Hendrickson) after all..... -- 14 votes
4 (28.6%) I'm open, but I want to see their characters interact for awhile first....
4 (28.6%) Yes, I really want to see Drew with someone new and away from this stupid triangle...
3 (21.4%) No because I want Drew with someone else.
2 (14.3%) I'm neutral. Just want a good story.
1 (7.1%) No, because I want Marguax (Liz H.) to be paired with someone else.

Jason has beaten Drew, Dante, Peter, Griffin, Finn, and now Sonny, This week, who do you like better? -- 14 votes
7 (50.0%) Valentin
6 (42.9%) Jason
1 (7.1%) Neither

Anna has beat Alexis, Carly, Nina, Maxie, Sam, and now Jordan. This week, who do you like better? -- 15 votes
7 (46.7%) Kiki
7 (46.7%) Anna
1 (6.7%) Neither!