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Tuesday, "My priority is Summer. She is not in a good place!" Recap Post.

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Date: Tue, 27-Aug-2013 4:38:28 PM PDT
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Summer wouldnít be shocked if you hadnít lied to her entire life! All this could have been avoided, if you had man up, a long time ago. Jack

Thank you, Jack for putting Nick in his place!! Nick had a lot of gall, telling Jack to leave her alone. He needs to STHU! Jack has never pressured her, but has been compassionate and understanding towards her. Nick's priority has always been himself not Summer! I bet poor Summer will take up Victor's offer to go to Bahamas. I thought it was good idea, she needs to get away. She was close to having a breakdown today.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
Short and sweet today!

Enjoyed many Y&R classic character sharing scenes today. Nikki/Neil/Paul/Jack/Victor. Good heartfelt scenes about Katherine, addictions, secrets, and demons. Looks like once again, Nikki is keeping another secret from Victor, ugh. She is a hypocrite, because she gets mad, when he does it.

Mason is a tool and being used by Hilary. Her plan blew up to break up up Lane with her scheme(photo of her with shirtless Lane), when she saw them kissing. LOL as Devon snarked. Thatís a bummer, right. Looks like your little plan isnít working. She is quite the vengeful woman.

Esther need a hug, she missed Kay so much. I just wish, she was talking to Nikki, not Cane.

And if you smell gas in your place, leave. Then call the condo maintenance people. Instead, Michael foolishly tries to turn off the gas and gets out by psycho, who plans to kill himself and Lauren(from the previews) Lauren, just kill him! It would make us all happy! BTW, Alex should have listened to Kevin, that it was decoy that Carmine was in Chicago. After all, Kevin knows how criminals think.

Thanks to Jack, Neil found out that Mason used to work at NE and asked if he knew Ann Turner? I'm sure Mason, will lie his way out of it! But do you think Neil realize that Mason, is his needle in his haystack??

So, what were your thoughts from today? Like/Dislike?? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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