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Monday, "Denial, is that all you can do?" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 09-Sep-2013 4:51:09 PM PDT
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This time, this child was taken away from me, from a cruel act from you. Adam

There is no way in hell that my baby is being raised without me Adam

Go Adam! Loved him busting Chelsea, and demanding the truth that Connor was his son! Several smacks to Chelsea, still denying the truth to Adam. But I think she knew at the end, it was useless to protest any longer. MM nailed all of Adam's multi-facet emotions perfectly today. He and MCE were awesome in their very intense emotional scenes, they shared! I loved Adam talking to Avery in our next show. Go get that court order DNA test and go for full custody! It was what she deserves! I am glad he warned her that no one will keep him from his son.

BTW, I thought there was a little karma with Adam today. Now, he knows how Sharon/Nick felt when he took Faith from them.
Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was a good one. My uncle's funeral on Friday was wonderful and brought tears to my eyes. I will miss him.

BTW, we are back to normal this week, no tennis interruption.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here

Devon was right that Lane's plan(of fighting in public) did end up backfiring on them when Hilary kissed Cane. I thought CK was great in her fighting scenes today

Well, for once Jack didn't give away his hand, when Victor actually came to confront Jack about flying Summer away from GC. I thought for sure, he was going to confront him about being the secret investor. But they soon start fighting over Summer again. Nikki interrupts giving the men heck, can't they call a truce in honor of Kay's memory. She was asking the impossible asking Victor/Jack to act like adults!! LOL. But Jack was delighted later, leaving Adam a message that Victor hasn't a got a clue that he is the secret investor. But thanks to Nikki, he might, because she points out how very close Adam/Jack are.....

The light bulb finally goes off in Billy's head, realizing that Connor has the same eye disease that Adam had. And that he also sees that Vicki isn't shocked. Vicki finally confesses that she knew the truth for months and justifies her reasons for doing it(hormones drugs, Dylan is the better father, blah, blah, blah, ugh!!) I wish Billy had more been upset and walked out on her. But no such luck, because he has lost his spine! But I am glad he revealed that Adam over heard and things hitting the fan now. He couldn't be more damn right!

I suggest you let your adoring wife fill you in and Try not to be blind to the truth. Adam to Dylan

Bwhahaha! Now Chelsea has no choice but to tell clueless Dylan that Dylan isn't his! Only because she is back into a corner! Good! About damn time! Finally her house of lies is falling apart!

Tune in tomorrow to find what happens. Same time/Same channel!

Great episode today! So, what were your thoughts from today? Favorite moments? Like/Dislike? Any comment is greatly appreciated and welcomed, very much.


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