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Tuesday, "All this stuff is healthy at happy hour!" Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 05-Nov-2013 5:17:59 PM PST
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Hurry up, Iím freezing in here Sharon
I think we are locked in Nick

Uh-oh! The door slams shut trouble on Sharon/Nick. They are locked together in "The Underground" Freezer. Not a good situation. But looks like Sharon may confess the truth in the next episode.....They have been locked in before like the bank vault years ago. It was funny earlier when they were trying to find healthy food for Faith's ballet class LOL as Nick said he had beer battered chicken. Not for kids LOL. They should have gone to Costco!
Sony recap here [link]
I don't why Avery is carrying around Nikki's will, since it's all done. Very stupid But it was just a plot point, for the day. Shockers as Dylan happens to show up at the exact time, she is reading it. And instead of celebrating that he is divorcing Chelsea. He is all sad, that he didn't get his parent's marriage, which turned out to be all lies anyways. But then Dylan was an idiot when he married her, because he didn't know her at all. More plot point afterwards, Leslie will accidently read it to find out Dylan is Nikki's son. Avery never have shut her down then and say, they would discuss at the office. BTW, it was out of line and unprofessional for Leslie to confronting Nikki about it. Then gives her two cents that stating that Dylan has the right to know the truth. Duh, she knows that all ready. I surprised that whole Athletic Club didn't hear her, when she was talking. It was none of her business and she should have stayed out of it. Nikki really didn't need to hear about her and Tyler's terrible storyline with her Dad. I am glad Nikki told her not to say outloud about Dylan.

Both Nikki and Victor were horrible to Sharon as she came to pick up Faith. Slap. Then another slap to Victor for attacking Sharon right in front of Faith. I did enjoy Nick standing up to Victor telling him not to threaten Sharon(if she comes between him and Noah) And telling him, she is a great mother to their kids. Felt like the old days, Nick doing that. Though I did laugh when Sharon said that she always put her children first. LOL. That isn't true. And of course, Nikki hasn't to hear that Victor stating to Sharon that she abandoned her children which was a unforgivable mistake. Another reason not to tell him, ugh. BTW, giving an child up for adoption, isn't abandonment. After Shick leaves, they sure aren't happy that Nick's getting involved with Sharon again(He isn't) And he ticked me off when he planned to make sure that Sharon is out of their lives. Plus earlier, when he stated that he and Nikki should raise Faith. STHU!!

Boy, Chelsea was quite antsy as Adam's SUV was being examined by the cops. Of course, he was calm, because he replaced the light reflector. But it would have been smarter to throw it away in the garbage. Afterwards, Adam tells her that she is free to go, and find a place. She wonders why the turnaround. He is feeling generous, might not last long. Another example of Chelsea being wrong about him.

Nick's face was priceless as Faith ran to Dylan in the park. Loved seeing Faith/Dylan again. So sweet together. Ouch, when Nick said that Faith knows her who Dad is. Dylan put him in his place that he lives in a glass house. I'm glad that Sharon stated that Dylan was one of few friends and always been good to her and Faith. Nick snarks out that Dylan would be free to go after Avery. Sharon reassures that insecure man that he will always be number one in Faith's heart.

Well, poor Summer was the last to know that Noah was working for Victor and her best friend knew. Boy, he eyes widen as Courtney kissed him. LOL. No wonder she feels so alone. But please get over Kyle, ugh. Well, Courtney gets another text from Zach, probably has to due with the drugs.

Good that Avery also realized like Chelsea, that something is going on with Adam. BTW, Chelsea didn't seem to happy that she was moving to her place, after she got it. I liked that, LOL

What do you think of Adam handing his recorded confession to Avery and telling her not to play it?? Big mistake or right thing to do?

And thankfully Summer interrupted Nikki's confession to Dylan? Honestly telling him that jaw dropping news in public that she is his mother and he was adopted... in public is a thoughtless thing to do.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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