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Monday, "Veterans Day!" Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 11-Nov-2013 4:25:48 PM PST
Where: Young and the Restless Message Board
You truly are my heroes. Nikki talking about her respect for Veterans.

Amen! Amen! I am grateful for those who served and gave their lives for our freedom in both of our countries. Happy Remembrance(Canada) and Veterans Day(US) today!

Just to let you know. I have been busy today attending the service this morning and spending time with family, this afternoon. So I haven`t had a chance to view the episode yet. I hope to catch up later tonight. But kudos to Y&R observing Veterans Day today and tomorrow. [link]
---------------------------------------------- recap here [link]
So today, will be a "free for all post". So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated and very welcome!


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