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Thursday, "You're saying, I should tell Nick the truth!" Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 12-Dec-2013 5:18:55 PM PST
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The only way you are going to get better, Mom. You do want to get better, donít you?? Cassie

Good question?? Does Sharon want to do that?? It was her guilty conscience about letting Nick think that Summer isn't his daughter and what happened to Phyllis, which caused "Cassie" to reappear. But "Cassie" was right, Sharon needs to confess to him, in order to fully recovered Plus, then we can finally find out for sure if she switched the tests. I am still hoping that in her deluded mind, she thought she did but really didn't.

Meanwhile Nick is getting very sweet on Sharon, by getting her a foot spa for Christmas
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ recap here [link]
I couldn't believe that they had Summer's photo shoot at Nick's dark dingy bar!(shakes head) I really liked Nick/Sharon showing their support for Chloe grieving over Delia. I liked her telling Chloe "Those memories are all I have left of my daughter. Donít let anyone take that away from you!"

Sorry, not buying Summer as a model. But we have another model Esmerelda offers Summer a "energy pill" But Summer thankfully tells her no for now. How long will that last???

There goes Nick again, using Cassie as a excuse for lying about Summer's paternity, ugh! But it was good that he admitted that he should known that it would all blow up in his face, lies always do. Sharon's face pales then.

I loved Adam getting a Christmas tree for the Chadam's family. So sweet! LOL as Chelsea got excited about decorating the tree and the place. But I am glad that Adam overheard about Kevin/Chelsea talking about Chloe taking off with Connor. I rolled my eyes as Kevin/Chelsea excused what Chloe did. Adam like us, knew that Chloe should have called or left a note. But she admitted later, that she didn't tell him, Because she was afraid that Adam would think she was a bad mother and cut her out of Connor's life. I loved Adam bluntly telling that he knows what he wants now and won't let anything stop him from getting it. Ahhh. But then Adam was off to mysterious errand(set up a memorial foundation in Delia Abbott's name) but will pick up the Baby's first Christmas ornament. Loved Chadam today. But trust me, you if you are a fan, you will love even tomorrow.

I enjoyed Sharon telling Nick to shut up about Phyllis. LOL She was right, he was putting her on pedestal. Loved her pointing that Phyllis was ruthless and was a hypocrite when she came hard on Nick for lying. When she drugged Danny and told him, he was Daniel's father. Sharon has made mistakes. And asks if is she is a horrible person?? He tells her no, She tells, neither is he.

That doesnít make any sense

Thanks Kevin. No it doesn't, that Fen killed Carmine. The storyline also doesn't make any sense and has been dragging on way to long. It was good to see Fen out of prison. Enjoyed Michael and Fen telling them, they didn't Lauren's scramble eggs. LOL. Nice to have a light moment briefly. But the poor boy, is too terrified that the prisoners that Michael would put away are going to come after him. Nothing Likey or Summer said, could comfort him. But Fen will make things worse, by running away. Just ask "Uncle Kevin" how well that worked for him.(not well at all) Finally, Michael used his head as a lawyer, pointing out lets wait if Fen is convicted. He adds, there is no physical evidence linking the murder, because he obstructed justice by picking up Fen's sobriety medallion. But he just spoke too soon, because soon we see the chip in Paul's bagged evidence. I do hope that Paul/Christine solved the case soon and end this never ending storyline!

Ugh on Chloe ask Kevin out on a date. I'm fine with them as friends. But hated them as a couple.

So what did you like/dislike about today's episode? Favorite moments??? Really love to hear from you. Any comment will be very greatly appreciated and welcomed!


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