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"We don't drag each other down. We hold each other up." (Recap Post)

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Date: Thu, 01-May-2014 3:24:49 PM PDT
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On today's episode....

Victor leaves a voicemail for Nikki. She's made her point. He hates to be right about Sharon but he is. He ends the call by saying "Just come to your senses now. Come home where you belong." (That would get me there....NOT.)

Tyler finally tells Abby Mariah is still in town, and in the room next door after she finds the bracelet Mariah purposely left for her to find. Abby says she can forgive Tyler but plans a beatdown for Mariah the skank and for her to leave town.

While Tyler is in the shower Abby goes next door to confront Mariah. However She sees Fake Cassie in the hall and starts confronting her. Tyler walks out after hearing the commotion and wants to get everything out in the open. Abby wants to know what he's talking about and ask, "Don't you know who this is?" Tyler says yeah, and simutaneously Tyler says she's Mariah, and Abby says she's Cassie. (Well played scene.) Abby clues him in on Mariah pretending to be Cassie. She goes back into the room to call the police. Tyler tells Mariah that's the worst thing she's ever done. Mariah says "You know better than that." Mariah tells Tyler to call off his guard dog/girlfriend before she does something you'll regret." Tyler stops Abby. Tells her she has no proof. He wants Abby to let it go.

Security comes to the door to ask Victor's permission for Sharon to enter the premises. (However Ian can roam free) Sharon walks by both men and while entering says, "You're going to need a bigger doberman Victor." Sharon wants Victor's help in finding out 'the secret.' (What the what?) Victor is skeptical but eventually tells her it has something to do with Phyllis. Sharon's surprised because she and Phyllis are not friends.

Before Sharon leaves, Victor acknowledges that she loves Nick (in her own mental way) but since the secret will destroy Nick she should end their relationship now. Sharon leaves without responding.

Neil, Devon, Lily and Cane dining at the AC. Hilary walks in and Neil has a flashback to their sexual jaunt. Devon's memories take him back to hearing firsthand moans from that jaunt. Lily wants to know why she's still there.

Devon leaves them to go talk to Hilary. He's trying to find out if there's someone special in her life. She's being coy. Devon continues to press. Hilary claims she left something in her room and excuses herself.

Not long after that Neil heads to her room, and Sexual Jaunt Part Deux commences. (Just plain wrong.) Post coital-gag, Neil thinks they should go public instead of sneaking around. Hilary says that's a bad idea.

Lane and Devon are still mulling over Neil's fragile state of mind/existence. They think he's putting on a happy face while falling apart. (Little do they know.)

Nick comes over to see Avery for legal advice. Dylan's there. He wants to know if Ian did something. Nick tells him his father is not the reason he's there. He tells them what Victor did and wants to know if he has any legal recourse. He's not afraid to go up against Victor. He's done it before. Brings up contacting the Feds about Victor committing commercial bribery. Avery tells him he may have a hard time since the victim is not willing to cooperate. Avery says the harshest punishment wlll come from his family turning away from him. Dylan wants to know how this is affecting Nikki. Nick says the stress is not good for her MS.

Dylan leaves and shows up at the ranch to check on Nikki. Dylan finds out Nikki is not there. She left Victor. His concerns center around Ian getting to her. Victor tells him not to worry about that. To handle his own business. He brings up Dylan being responsible for bringing Ian to town. Dylan apologizes for that. Victor tells him to give Nikki a call. It might cheer her up.

After Nick leaves Avery's, she receives red roses. There's no card.

As Dylan is about to leave the ranch he receives a call from Avery. She tells him she received his surprise/the flowers. Dylan gets quiet and looks concerned. He tells Avery he didn't send her any flowers.

Nick shows up at Sharon's. He's feeling real good about things. Sharon wants to end things now before she hurts him. Nick figures out Victor planted that seed of doubt in Sharon's mind. Sharon is afraid the secret will drag him down. Nick responds, "We don't drag each other down. We hold each other up." He's tired of talking and they head upstairs. (Love me some Shick!)

Since Neil and Hilary were not a one-time thing, where do you think their liaison is headed?

Do you think Tyler and Mariah committed a crime together?

Do you think Shick will survive 'the secret?'

Any comments are welcome and appreciated.


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