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"You belong with me, but I'm not going to beg you." (Wednesday's Recap)

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Date: Wed, 07-May-2014 4:11:04 PM PDT
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As if ANYone would expect you to Victor.

On today's episode...

Sharon and Nick holding hands and walking in Chancellor Park. They're happy they're back together and that Faith is happy. Nick says, that's the only thing Faith ever wanted. Sharon says that's the only thing she's ever wanted. Nick admits he was scared when Sharon said they shouldn't be together. Sharon said she wanted to spare them the pain of breaking up. Especially with 'the secret' looming. Nick says that they can't let dad win by continuing to dwell on the secret. Nick wants to ban the word 'secret.' Good idea. I know I'm tired of hearing it.

As they are kissing, Mariah walks up. Sharon sees her as she tries to hurry by unseen. Sharon says, "Cassie, wait."

Nick wants to know if Mariah is following them. He thinks she is stil working for Victor. Sharon admits that she mentioned Phyllis to Mariah. She found that out from Victor. Nick is shocked. Wants to know what Phyllis has to do with this. Sharon ask Nick if she can have 5 minutes alone with Mariah.

Sharon tells Mariah about her relationship with Phyllis. Mariah says, why don't you ask Phyllis. Sharon says she can't. She's in a coma from some accident. Mariah then says, "You're probably not going to get much out of her then." Sharon says the answers are locked up in her head. She just wish there was someone who could help her get them out. Mariah replies. "Don't look at me. I'm not a hypnotist."

Sharon's 5 minutes are up. Mariah leaves. Nick ask if Mariah was any help. Sharon says more than she knows and she tells Nick she wants to see a hypnotist.

Nikki runs into Victor at the AC. Victor wants to talk in private. They end up in Nikki's suite. Nikki goes down memory lane talking about how Victor rescued her from the bayou. Nikki asks, what's happened to him? Victor says everything he did was for his family. He hasn't changed since the day they were married. Nikki saw that as him finally admitting what he'd done to Sharon. Nikki brings up what he did to Victoria and Billy by bringing Chelsea into their lives. Victor said he was right about him. Victor tells Nikki that Ian has a room down the hall from her. She said then it's good that he has his security following her. Nikki says they're soulmates, she'll always love him, but she doesn't know if she can do this. "We are not partners, we are far from it." Victor says, "You belong with me, but I'm not going to beg you."

Victor leaves and Nikki appears to have a MS flare-up.

Jill tells Colin she's solved the mystery of the music box. She says that the name Rachel was actually referring to Catherine's pet dog when she was a little girl. Colin's skeptical but Jill convinces him. The dog was cremated. They search the attic for the urn, miraculously find it. Jill sneezes. 'Rachel' ends up all over Colin. Jill leaves to go get something to clean him up. She locks the door. Colin tires of waiting an discovers the door is locked. Gotcha!

Chelsea goes to see Billy. She tells him she just came back from visiting Victoria. He just wants to go upstairs and get some sleep. Chelsea wants to talk about Victoria and saving his marriage. Billy says he's never going to listen to anything she has to say. He blames Adam for his marital woes. Chelsea snaps that Adam is not responsible for him sleeping with another woman. Eventually he quiets down and is listening as Chelsea is about to tell him about Victoria when in walks Abby.

Victoria is day-dreaming. Billy walks in. She has something to tell him. She tells him as she turns around with a 6 months pregnant belly, that they're about to get everything they ever wanted. He's happy but then pauses and says, there's something wrong. "Is it mine?"

Abby comes over to see Victoria. Tells her that Mariah the Pariah is the Cassie-Look-a-like Victor hired. She tells Victoria that she looks like hell, then Victoria steers the conversation back to Abby. Abby goes on about her and Tyler's perfect love, perfect life, perfect future. Victoria got teary. Says she doesn't want to sensor Abby talking about her relationship because of the state of her own, but she wants to know if they can talk later.

Abby tells Billy she went to see Victoria. Tells him Victoria lost it when she started talking about getting married and having babies. Abby tells Billy she would probably take him back if he were to promise not to cheat on her again.

Chelsea goes to see Victoria. She intended to tell Billy, but backed down. She thought she'd extend to Victoria the same courtesy she gave her about Connor. Chelsea said a secret like yours won't stay a secret for long. Something like this always has a way of coming out.


Were you surprised that Chelsea planned to tell Billy about Victoria's pregnancy? Are you glad she didn't?

Do you think Nikki will cave and go back to the ranch or does she appear to be locked into her decision to keep her distance from Victor for the time being?

Did you enjoy Sharon and Mariah's 5 minute talk? Did you think their interaction was relaxed/natural? Would you like them to share more scenes?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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