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Love. Family. Devotion. Protection. (Thursday's Recap Post) spoiler

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Date: Thu, 22-May-2014 4:47:31 PM PDT
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Today's Players: Nick, Sharon, Devon, Cane, Hilary, Lily, Neil, Dylan, Leslie, Paul, Ian, Nikki, Victor, Abby, Tyler


On today's episode:

Sharon walks through the door to find a worried Nick. He finds out she went to see Mariah, which he disapproves of, but Sharon tells him she wasn't there. The desk clerk told her Mariah was led away by police in handcuffs. Sharon says she's not going to pass judgement.

Nick finds out Mariah was extradited to Portland to face a B&E charge. He says Mariah is a criminal. A thief. Sharon defends her and tells Nick she gave her money. Nick wants Sharon to stay away from her. Sharon says she just can't cut her off. Nick warns that Mariah will destroy her. Just like Victor wanted her to.

As Sharon and Nick discuss the anniversary of Cassie's death, a drawing Faith did reminds them of one Cassie did. Sharon goes to retrieve the drawing and finds a traffic violation which triggers a memory. However she still can't remember where she was headed.

Nick tells her he loves her. That's not going to change and they make love.


Cane and Devon at the AC. Neil walks up. Neil says he stayed away a few days because of the emotions concerning he and Hilary. Devon says what makes you think a few days will change the way he and Lily feel about the woman who tried to destroy their family.

Neil says he's sorry he and Lily found out the way they did that he and Hilary are dating. Devon scoffs at his choice of the word 'dating.' Neil says Lily has to let go of all that anger. Goes on about how caring and loving Hilary is. Devon doesn't want to hear it. Hilary's not the woman he thought she was. Neil tells Devon he thinks he's in love with her.

Neil says he thinks he and Hilary may have a future together, if what they have turns out to be more than a passing fling.

After Neil leaves Cane tells Devon that maybe he should have told Neil that he was hoping he and Hilary might get together.


Lily pours water on Hilary as she sleeps in her room at the AC. Lily tells her to get her skinny butt out of bed. They have things to settle. (Lily was out of line and it would have been on. LOL.)

Hilary ask Lily when is she going to give this a rest. Lily accuses Hilary of seducing her vulnerable father and trying to destroy their family. Hilary says there's nothing she can do about it. Lily says she's going to show her father what kind of person she is. Hilary says, "Bring it on girl."

Hilary tells Lily she knows her father in a way she doesn't. Lily responds, "Are you saying you're in love with my dad?" Hilary says she's not going to answer that.


Neil comes to see Hilary and Lily is still there. Lily is still angry. Neil shuts her up and tells her in regards to Hilary. "This is my decision. Hilary is not going anywhere. She's a part of my life." A hurt Lily leaves. Hilary tells Neil, "This is worse than I thought it would be. We need to end this now." Neil says "It's too late."

Neil tells Hilary he's falling in love with her. Hilary says she's feeling things she's never felt. That she's happy. She ends up saying, "I think it's called love." (Holy crap Batman)

An upset Lily tells Cane she saw Neil in Hilary's room. Cane tries to comfort her by saying that maybe Neil will realize the big mistake he's making.


Dylan at CL. Leslie walks in. She says as confirmation that he's that Ian's case is not going to be retried. Dylan says it's a shame he won't pay. Leslie says maybe not.


Paul is questioning Ian in an alley after he was beat up. Paul asked him who did it. He calls out Dylan's name.

A police office comes to pick Dylan up for questioning in the assault of Ian. Dylan thinks it's a mistake and has to do with the incident where Ian didn't press charges.

At the police station Paul is questioning Dylan who denies he attacked Ian. Paul says he just wants the truth. Ian walks in and says, "Don't we all." Ian refutes Paul's claim that he said Dylan attacked him. He claims he was attacked by a thug. It was a random act of violence. Paul brings up that nothing was taken. Not his watch or money. He gives Ian mugshots to look at. Dylan on his way out of the station says to Paul "Whoever did this I'd like to shake his hand."


Nikki goes to see Victor at his office. Wants to know why he had their joint accounts as well as her personal account closed. She ask him if he thinks by doing this she'd come home. Victor says he knows that doesn't mean she's coming home. Nikki wants him to restore her accounts immediately. He says Ian is a con artist. He's after your money. Nikki says Ian is after more than money. Victor says he won't allow Ian to hurt her. Nikki says she fine. Victor disputes that and mentions her MS flairing up and her having to go see her doctor. Nikki says that if he thinks the new financial arrangement is the answer, she won't fight him on it. She then ask if that's the only thing he's done?

Nikki and Victor argue. She tells him that he may have met an enemy he cannot conquer. Victor tells Nikki he'll have some money for her.


Dylan enters Victor's office. Nikki wants to know if he's there to see her. He says hes there to see Victor. Nikki leaves.

Dylan thanks Victor for protecting Nikki by hiring security guards. Dylan mentions Ian was mugged. Victor says he didn't touch him. He tells Victor he's been in contact with Ian's ex-wife who is willing to give him dirt on Ian. He says he will keep him informed. As Dylan turns to leave he tells Victor, "Thanks again for doing nothing to Ian."


Abby and Tyler at Loyola Theatre. She's happy marih is history. (Tyler gets a text from Mariah) He finds out she's been extradited to Portland. Leslie gets a call from Tyler. He wants her to go to Portland to represent Mariah. She refuses saying she's tired of defending people she doesn't like.

Tyler then explains to a shocked and confused Abby that he wants to help a friend. He says he owes it to Mariah for keeping him out of prison. He tells her he allowed Mariah in the home of a wealthy client and he wasn't supposed to. Things started missing. Mariah saved him by sleeping with his boss. That's why they broke up. Abby's upset that he didn't trust her enough to tell her this a long time ago. He says he was afraid he might lose her. Abby tells him to do what he has to do, but when he returns from Portland she's not sure what he will be returning to.


Paul runs into Nikki and tells her Ian was beat up and left in an alley. Says he was mugged. Paul implies Victor may have been involved. Nikki says, "Ian says he was mugged. Perhaps you should let it go at that."

The episode ends with Leslie at the police station asking Ian, "What is your end game?


Wow. It was a full house of characters today. A lot going on.

What did you like/dislike about the episode?

Do you think Tyler going to Portland to help Mariah will be a relationship-killer for Abby?

Do you still feel Nick will stand by Sharon when the truth comes out especially since the role of Phyllis has been recast? *(Gina Tognoni)

Other than Mariah's physical resemblance to Cassie. Do you feel there's a reason that has yet to be revealed why Sharon is steadfast in wanting to stand by her?

*Spoiler (The recasting of Phyllis)

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.



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