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Tuesday, "Iím not ready to say goodbye to you." Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 27-May-2014 5:31:07 PM PDT
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Iím going away and I donít know when I am coming back. Chloe

Very heartfelt tearful goodbyes from Chloe to her loved ones(Esther, Michael, Lauren, Billy, Chelsea, Kevin). She is on her way to undergo treatment in a facility in California. I was very moved as Chloe said her farewells to her true blue best friends Chelsea(who won't say goodbye) and Kevin. Great scenes when Chelsea allowed Chloe to hold Connor again. I liked when Billy told her wisely that the loss of Delia, can't be the biggest part of her memory. And Chloe recognized that Kevin only wanted the best for her. I could see how very emotional it was for Elizabeth Hendrickson to do her final scenes with Greg Rikaart and Melissa Claire Egan. All three of them gave an outstanding strong emotional performances.

However, it saddens and sickens me that Chloe was holding the cannister with Billy's sperm. Though the sperm should be dead, since they are longer frozen in the lab. And I think she used Kevin to make love, so it looks like he is the father not Billy. So she as right, he was a better friend than she deserves. I really wanted Chloe to go on a high note, but this isn't it. I wonder now if she will take off and not go to the clinic?? But this is the way that show plans to let the door open for Chloe's return? What did you think of EH's exit and farewell for her character??

Best of luck to EH in her future endeavors. I will miss her and her Chloe on Y&R.
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I really liked Jill trying to comfort poor Esther breaking down that all she does is say goodbyes(now Chloe) LOL for Esther for calling the exterminators to get rid of "rat" in the attic. That's Colin, all right! But Jill should have known better not to fall for his lie that he had the musical box treasure map(sheet music). He showed he was a rat, when he had a blank piece of paper. That's when Jill should have let the exterminator get him! He did smell after all LOL. But looks like the mystery is solved, just as Jill throws stuff at Colin and Katherine's necklace falls from the Chandelier. I sure hope this lame story is over now. But I wish Katherine had left Jill Chancellor Industries. Would have made a better story. I miss Jill working in corporate business. What you are thoughts about this latest development?

Abby gives heck to Stitch for chasing after Vicki instead of her Mom and making Billy looking like a sucker. She apologizes, but warns him, she is always watching. He asked about Tyler, big mistake. She rants that he's a great guy, not like he has a secret criminal past. Hmm, I am wondering if Stitch does???

I am Chelsea told her all she wants is for Victoria to tell Billy the truth. thought she was right that Vicki is protecting herself not Billy by keeping her pregnancy secret. Speak of the devil, he arrives at the condo at that very minute. I agree with him, it is alarming to find them together. Not surprised that Vicki lied that she was updating Johnny to Chelsea. So much for honesty from her, those days are over!

Thank goodness, Summer never slept with Austin. All they did was walk around the park all night long Abby sees her as Austin goes to get coffee for them. She gave her heck for, "Making out in the park with a stranger whoís name you don't know?" The naked heiress may be a bit hypocritical but she is right. Summer should listen. But foolish girl feels that she knows Austin more than her most people in her life right now, blah, blah, blah. Abby gave a good warning that she doesn't know him as she thinks she does. BTW, she should dump Tyler, and stop ranting about his deceit. What do you think??

What do you think of Ben(Stitch) encouraging Vicki to tell Billy, the truth, before someone beats him to it? Good thing or does he have a motive for doing that?? I'm glad he pointed that he wasn't the guy in the white hat and Billy's not in the black hat. Plus he warned her that Billy will keep digging. That is very true, that he will.

Don't blame "Adam" breaking the pencil with his hand as seeing Billy with Chelsea putting Connor to bed. Though creepy to watch. It irritates me too that she hangs out with him. Did she forget that Billy held her husband hostage, which lead to his "death". Yes, it is too weird that they are friends. Billy worries that Vicki is shutting him out and wants a divorce. But Chelsea teases us again, by telling Billy that there's something he needs to know. It's not her place, but do you want her to spill the beans to him??
The post switches over again to my co-writer Sylvia for the next two days, and I will be back on Friday!
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated and very welcome, very much!


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