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"...No one and nothing will ever undo the bond between the two of us." (Recap)

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Date: Wed, 04-Jun-2014 5:05:24 PM PDT
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Victor. Spoken like a life-partner in a truly co-dependent, dysfunctional relationship.

Today's Players: Nick, Nikki, Victor, Avery, Kevin, Michael, Lauren, Colin, Jill, Cane, Lily, Mattie and Charlie, Esther

On today's episode:

Nick knocking on Nikki's door at the AC like there's a fire. Nikki walks up and Nick ask her "Where have you been?" She replies she went downstairs to purchase shampoo at the salon. Nick tells her he doesn't like her being at the hotel. Nikki tells him Victor has someone watching her 24/7.

They discuss what Victor did to Sharon. Nikki tells him she hates what Victor did, but that doesn't mean his motives were wrong. (rme)

They also discuss Victor being investigated for his role in the unapproved drugs at Bonaventure, which is in the newspaper. Nick says it's not Victor's first time being fined and it won't be his last. He'll get out of it. Nick says Victor always has a dirty move us his sleeve. He's gotten away with other things, but he admits to Nikki, after she mentions he could get time in prison, that he doesn't want him to go to prison.

Victor downstairs in the dining area of the AC. Avery walks up. Most of their conversation is about Victor and Dylan working together to take down Ian. She supports them, however she hopes they won't need a lawyer. She says Ian's a predator. Victor says he's a threat to Nikki. He causes her stress and her MS flares up. She leaves after telling Victor that whatever he and Dylan have planned, Dylan cannot be his scapegoat.

As Avery leaves, Nick and Nikki come downstairs. Nikki joins Victor at his table. Two reporters come over wanting a statement from Victor. Nikki defends him. Victor tells the reporters to get out.

In Nikki's room she and Victor discussing Victoria's pregnancy and his and Nick's relationship. Nikki tells him that she doesn't know if Nick will be able to forgive him for abusing Cassie's memory. Victor says, "He'll get over it. I'm his biological father. He and I have had fights before. He goes on to say he's tired of Nicholas' petulant attitude. He grew up in paradise. Fed with a silver spoon. He ends his sensitive platitudes by telling Nikki, "The most important thing baby is that no one and nothing will ever undo the bond between the two of us." They kiss. He then says, "Thank you for understanding me. Nikki replies. "Oh I understand you. Sometimes I just don't agree." As he's on his way out of her room he says, "I need you to come home. Nikki says, "I know." He leaves.

Avery and Nick walk out together. She tells Nick of her encounter with Ian. She admits he pushed her buttons. She also says she hasn't always been a decent person. She's hurt people, including him. She continues by saying Ian knows how to find a person's guilt and shame and exploit it. Nick tells her not to let him get under her skin. She mentions getting a text from a 4MJ. Someone who is judgmental and she's really scared.

Avery says it's nice being able talk as friends. Nick jokingly says, "We're so evolved." At that moment Avery gets another text. It says, "You claim to work for justice. Don't look now, justice is about to be served." Nick says, "He just won't stop." He hugs Avery and tells her she needs to be careful.

Kevin at work. Michael comes up and ask him to come to dinner. Lauren walks up and ask him the same thing. Kevin is suspicious of them. He says it's a pity dinner. Kevin's looking forward to a call from Chloe. She sends him a text saying, "I'm sorry I won't be calling. This email will be our contact. You can't come visit. I don't know if I'll ever come back. I want to get well. Please Kevin. You'll have to move on without me." Kevin blames Chloe's doctors. He thinks they're messing with her head. He wants to go California to bring her back. Michael tells him this isn't something he can handle. He tried. Kevin says prior to Chloe leaving their marriage was real. Trust him. Lauren tells him that maybe his and Chloe's time together was her saying, 'Goodbye. Michael says Kevin should give Chloe the space to get well. Kevin declines their dinner invite.

Kevin on the elevator. Frustrated, he slams his phone, throwing it on the floor.

At the Chancellor mansion. Colin receives a text which says, "Now or else." Jill struts in with the necklace on. She wants to go out to dinner to celebrate her inheritence. Colin reaches up touching the necklace and it falls to the floor. Colin suggest they take it to a jeweler. Jill doesn't trust jewelers. She says she can repair it herself.

The door bell rings. It's the Ashby's. Cane tells Colin it's an emergency not some random visit. He explains that Charlie has a bad rash and Mattie didn't want to stay at their friends without him, and asked if she could stay with Colin. Lily is hesitant, but signs off on Jill supervising the visit.

Colin telling Mattie a story. Esther brings in milk and cookies. She comments to Jill that it's wonderful having the sound of a little girls' laughter in the house again.

Lily, Cane and Charlie at the hospital. Charlie has poison ivy. Cane suggest they allow both Mattie and Charlie to stay overnight with Jill and Colin. Lily snaps, "Are you out of your mind." She brings up Bonaventure. She tells Cane they cannot let their guards down. (I'm with Lily.)

Back at the mansion. Mattie suggest a game of hide and seek. Colin's it. While everyone scrambles, Colin locks himself in the living room. He's eyeing the jewelry box with Jill's necklace in it. He calls the person he owes money and tells him he'll get his money.

He emerges from the room and starts looking for Mattie, Jill and Esther. The doorbell rings. It's Cane, Lily and Charlie to pick up Mattie who is no where to be found.

Lily jumps to the wrong conclusion. Thinking Colin has been irresponsible. Mattie comes out of her hiding place all smiles.

After the Ashby's leave, Colin and Jill return to the living room. Jill notices the jewelry box is open and empty.

The episode ends with Jill saying accusingly to Colin. "You took my necklace." Colin looks genuinely surprised that it's gone.


What did you think of Victor's tirade about Nicholas' reaction to him using Cassie's memory to hurt Sharon?

Did you find it odd that while talking to Nikki, Victor said, "I'm his biological father," in reference to Nick.

Do you think Kevin might return to a life of criminal activity or just turn dark?

Are you TeamLily where the acceptance of Colin is concerned?

Any comments are greatly appreciated.



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