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Is it me or can't Avery block 4MJ's posts?

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Date: Thu, 05-Jun-2014 11:14:33 PM PDT
Where: Young and the Restless Message Board
Am I being stupid or can't Avery just block 4MJ's posts??

Is he/she posting on Facebook because you can block people on there.

I only use Facebook so I don't know if you can block people's posts on other social.networking sites.

Or is 4MJ posting on the fictional yet seemingly popular site, GCBuzz??

It kills me that the whole world seems to be so interested in the happenings of a small town in WISCONSIN!!!

REALLY??? In reality, would anyone outside of Wisconsin EVER even look and/or care about this site OR have any inkling and/or give a *****, who Victor Newman, Jack Abbott, etc. are???

Anyway, can't Avery just block 4MJ's comments?? She could ask Kevin if she didn't know how and I'm sure with his tech skills he could block the person.

Has anyone else thought of this???

- Stefanluver

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