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Money Makes the World Go Round Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 28-Feb-2017 4:42:04 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Lauren resorts to desperate measures; Colin's luck turns around; Cane receives a proposition.

Billy greets Jill who is looking at flowers she received from Cane and Lily. They discuss him evicting Colin and disposing his clothes. He leaves for work after asking Jill to avoid Colin. In the meanwhile, Lily is anxious for Colin to find a new place and tells him she's counting the minutes. Colin says he can't even afford to buy his clothes back. Lily offers him money to buy his clothes back.

Cane tells Vic he's sorry if she felt he took over at the interview at GC Buzz. She says to the contrary she was impressed and wants to hand him a new assignment.

Victor and Nikki are discussing her project for the women's center. Victor is distracted and Nikki notices he's reading a biography of himself. He's thinking of writing a book about himself.

Lauren and Michael are discussing Scott and the ransom. They discuss getting Jill to pay the ransom and Michael tells her that Jill has had a heart attack. Michael says he's sure she'll want to help.

Billy arrives at work and Vic says things are better with Reed. He notices Cane with Juliet and asks if she threw him a bone. She says no she thinks he can handle this.

Lauren and Michael arrive to see Jill. She notices they look like they haven't slept in days. They tell her about Scott and Lauren asks if she can loan them the money. She says no and explains that Colin took her money. As they leave, Lauren gets a call from the kidnappers.

Colin is at the thrift shop and finds some of his clothes. He recalls wearing them and Jill seeing him in them. He finds the music box(that story was never resolved) and puts it with other items to buy back.

Lily comes to work and Billy wants to clear the air. They discuss Cane getting the Asian branch. Juliet is introduced to Lily and Cane says the meeting went well.

Michael and Lauren arrive at Victor and Nikki's and tell Nikki they need to see Victor right away. Victor tells them the situation is complicated.

Colin fiddles with the music box and finds a secret compartment containing a key.

Victor says he'll help Lauren but she needs to do exactly as he says.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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