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Thursday, "So you found what the old girl left you." Recap Post.

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Date: Thu, 02-Mar-2017 5:18:33 PM PST
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What key? This is all I have. What are you talking about Murphy?

The key in the music box. Which lead the bank safe deposit where the ring was, that Colin stole. I figure out that it was Phillip's ring that Katherine wanted to give to Jill. The rightfully belong to her. But that arrogant bastard Colin is confident that Jill will be kissing him with that check. He is really reimbursing her with her own money. I wish Billy would buy a plane and ship him out of town. BTW, really good to see Murphy show up at the end of the episode.
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"Philip loved you Jill, only you. " Beautiful honest words coming from Katherine. Loved the letter, especially when Kay told her she was worthy of love and find peace in her life(sniff). Awesome classic Y&R flashbacks of the ladies fighting over Phillip. Then a young Katherine angrily signing divorce papers with Phillip. Then Katherine with him in the car, right before she drove him drunk over a cliff. And finally, Jill remembers the last time she saw (JC's) Katherine. When she went up the stairs and saying goodbye to everyone, always brings tears to my eyes.

Nick and Chelsea's 3rd date was awkward as hell. It doesn't help that they are acting like teenagers on their first date. IMHO, they still have no chemistry and still feel forced. Kudos to manipulative Faith to breaking up the date, by claiming that something was wrong with Grandma LOL. Though Nikki was good calling on her little fib and wanting her parents to reunite. She did give her some good advice. "Donít ever play games like that again. Things donít turn out the way you want to". But ugh, later when Chelsea assures Nick there will be date four at her home.

So what did you think of Billy/Chloe/Bella scenes today at CL?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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