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Monday, "You go that way, Iíll go this way!" Recap Post.

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Let's go home

Well, Scott is finally rescued. But why was he trying to ditch Kevin? What could he be hiding? Or was he just suffering from PTSD? What is your first impression of Scott?

My favorite moment of the day was when Sharon told Nikki that she didn't need a man to survive! Music to my ears. Finally she knows that! I am proud of her, by deciding to go back to college!
Welcome back from the weekend. Let's start our first full week of March of Y&R.
At the AC, Lauren tells Michael that her head is pounding. Victor tells Lauren that she needs to eat something. Lauren canít. Every time she tries, her mouth closes. Michael points out, she is exhausted. She has been up all night. Lauren asks, what if Scott or Kevin called. She couldnít risk falling asleep. Victor informs her that Kevin is on his way through rough terrain to meet the kidnappers and hopefully with Scott. Michael notes there is nothing more than they can do, except wait. Lauren admits that not very reassuring. She says they are in a restaurant, and making small talk. Deciding what to pick for breakfast. Her son is half way around the world and she doesnít know if he has food or not for days. Michael tells her, donít think the worse. She snaps, stop telling her how to feel. She is going back to the office as the phone rings. Itís Kevin, reporting that he is at the rendezvous point. Victor asks, how things are going? Kevin is looking at an empty chair in a room.

At the Chancellor Estate: Collin tells Ester that Jill invited him. Thatís got to mean something. Esther will tell her, that he is here. He asks, how Jill is doing? She replies, he will have to ask her. Dismissed, Ester warns Collin not to upset Jill. Colin says she looks great. Did his special delivery speed things along. Is that the reason, she wanted to see him. Jill sarcastically says, "Canít get anything past you, can I?Ē

At the ranch to pick up Faith, Sharon sees Christian. She asks if Nick is here too? Nikki replies, that Christian spent the night ďYou can go say hello!Ē That was very nice of her to do. Sharon happily does, and holds him. Faith comes down to wonder why Daddy didnít pick up Christian last night. Sharon assumes itís normal for him to spend the night with his grandparents. Then assumed Nick had something to do. Faith spills the beans, he did, he had a date.

At the penthouse. Nick and Chelsea roll over in bed. They are glad they are both here and neither have to go to work, blah, blah. They kiss, ugh.

Kevin needs to get to Victorís assets on the ground and find out what went wrong. And try to fix it. Hanging up, Victor says they will be waiting for his call. TGVN updates the Baldwins Ė Scotty wasnít there at the spot. When you deal with those people, negotiations are tough. This is a glitch, this isnít over yet. Lauren rants she listen to him. To allow Kevin to deliver the money, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. If the kidnappers ran, they think theyíve been double crossed. ďWhat if my son pays the price for that!Ē

Back at the ranch, Nikki reminds Faith of their talk last night, thereís no reason her Dad canít go on a date. Especially if it is someone they like. Sharonís fine with Nick and Chelsea dating. After Faith goes up to get ready, Nikki updates her on Faithís scheme last night to break up the date. Sharon is shocked that Faith would behave that way. How did Nick handle it. Nikki is sure he will have a few words for her when he get back. Sharon points out that Faith and Chelsea are close. She is surprised Faith isnít all for it. Nikki states, things have changed. Dylan is gone, her marriage is over. And for the first time for a long time, both of her parents are single and available.

Now dressed and drinking coffee, Chelsea reports that Connor is still asleep. Thank goodness for that. He would be upset that Mommy is sleeping with Uncle Nick! Eww. Nick and Chelsea share another kiss Nick guesses this means, they are officially out of the friend zone. Brings up a certain question. They havenít done the best job of keeping things super quiet. Chelsea knows it will get around town, due to the gossip. If Nick could do one thing over, heíd have told Faith that Valentineís day was more than an one time thing. Nick points out that she interrupted their evening, which wasnít right. But he is going to talk to her about it. Itís his fault Chelsea says they have been taking things slow(no, they sure hell haven't) Neither one of them knew where this was headed(the viewers knew from day one) Nick asks, do they now? She likes to think so. Nickís sure Faith will be happy once she sees how happy they are. She asks, that he is saying he is happy. Nick says, she couldnít tell, any point of the evening, blah, blah. And with a few more kisses, Nick leaves to talk to Faith and old school phone her. Kiss again. They ) Boy, these two are boring. And Adam is probably rolling in his grave that is wife is betraying him with his brother.

Collin states, David Sherman brought his gift. Jill got the check. He vowed to replenish the money and may good on his promise. He knows it is just a start and doesnít expect forgiveness. She needs to know that she is important part of his life. He dreams about her. Finally Jill tells him to stop. Before he declare his undying love, there was another delivery he made, Colin doesnít know what she means. She touched how driven he is to repay her At least she was, until she realized that "you robbed me a second time to come up with the cash to do it." She wants the key to Katherineís safe deposit box, the one she meant for her
Jill knows that Collin opened Kayís safety deposit box and found the letter. He could destroyed the letter, but he didnít. That was his fatal flaw. He figured he would put in her mailbox and she would be non the wiser. That might have work if he hadnít been for Murphy. She found out that he didnít put in her letter box. She found it had been waiting for her, in all the years that Katherine died. Is this starting to jog his memory a little bit. Now she doesnít know how he got his grubby little hands on that box, but he did. So he used the key, and discovered the letter. But that wasnít all he found in there, was it? There was something else in there, something Katherine meant for her to have. Something that was worth maybe about Ďthis muchí She is about to rip the cheque in half when Collin stops her
Back at the ranch house, Sharon was hoping Nikki would give her a little more credit. She guesses that is too much to ask. Exactly! Nikki asks, why wouldnít she wonder about Sharonís intention? The last time she was free, she went after him. Sharon states, ďI donít need a man to survive. She is a lot more grounded than she realized. When Nick arrives, Nikki tells him that Christian is there waiting for his Daddy. Nick didnít know she would be here. Nikki informs him that the ladies were just chatting. And Sharon was just telling her how grounded she is. Boy, she couldn't wait to rat on her. Grr.

Sitting by herself at the club, Lauren flashes back to Scotty telling her, he was planning to go to the dangerous middle East Scott says it is. But filled with courageous people, going through upheaval. There stories deserves to be told. She points out he is an American citizen and not really welcome. Canít his editor send him somewhere else. He promises to be careful, but this is something he must do. Michael returns returns with Aspirin for her headache. Hand shaking, Lauren washes them down with water. A concerned Michael asks if she is all right. Victor returns to show them a map on his phone Ė this is his guess where Scotty, Kevin and the kidnappers are. He notes Lauren theory that that kidnappers were running to elude capture was sound. Theyíll want the 10 million to finance their war, and that will guarantee them, that Scott will remain alive. Unless they offer Kevin and Scott safe exit, they wonít get a dime. Itís their best protection. Lauren thinks Victor only wants to secure the safety of his cash What about her son!? Ouch! Victor sits back, looks slapped by Laurenís harsh words.

Lauren returns to the table to apologize to Victor and knows he is doing everything he can do bring Scott home. She is very grateful. Victor understands, he knows what it is like to have a child in jeopardy, itís awful. (He got Adam killed last time, after framing him for murder) He is going to his office and will update them if thereís any news. Laurenís left to wonder how she could accuse him of something so awful. He is moving heaven and earth to help them. Michael has know Victor a very long time and not offended. She hopes he is right. He says, he wants they wants.

Nick asks, if Sharon is here for Faith. Sharon announces that sheís thinking of enrolling in some classes at GCU and thought Faith to see the campus. Nick didnít even know that was on her radar, school was a long time for them. Sharon thinks it might be a good way, to make a fresh start. I'm so proud of Sharon doing this. Nick needs to talk to Faith first. Sharon says Nikki informed and shocked that their daughter would act like that. He should have talked to her after it happened. Nikki points out that he needed to get back to Chelsea(Oh brother. Not surprised she is propping Chick) And she needs to learns that this stunt doesnít work. Was he able to pick things up where he left them. He replies, it was a great evening Nikki then leaves. They can deal with Faith. She then leaves Sharon to suggest to Nick that they set Faith straight together that they are friends and always going to be that way. Donít you think it is better if they hear from them. Faith then joins her parents, asking if she is trouble. Do they want to yell at her. Sharon says no, just talk. Nick agrees.

Colin begs her to destroy it, she made her point. Heíll do anything. Jill folds up the cheque instead of ripping it up. He thanks her. Jill hopes that they are done with this ridiculous denials. Collin admits he saw an opportunity, and went for it. She laughs, spoken like a true opportunist. He knows he deserves it. And she agrees. He isnít the one who sent this in motion, Billy did. She is ticked that he is blaming her son for his sorbid behavior. He is going to explain. Through Billyís actions, he had to go the thrift store, to buy his clothes back. Thatís when he saw it, it was sitting on the shelf, behind some boxes. Katherineís music box, looking the worse for wear. He thought it was kismet, like he was meant to find it. She retorts, that it never occurred to him to give it her, the person that it was intended for. Colin says, guess she feels that he should apologize He should but needed to make her financial whole again. And no reconciliation, until he did. Jill thinks it sad of the whole deal, he still thinks about money. He understand it is about Trust. Jill states, ďWhatever was in that lockbox it was worth a value than dollar and cents. That letter she wrote was entirely about their lives together, there was so much that she needed me to know. But there was something in that box, that she wanted her to have. So what was it, Colin? And how the hell are you going to get it back???

Faith is sorry she messed with her Dadís date. He accepts her apology and hopes she knows why it was wrong. Sharon adds that Faith should never lie about medical emergencies. Nick agrees points out that it wasnít fair to Chelsea and try to keep him available for her mom. Was that her plan to manipulate them to getting back together. Thatís not the way, it works. When Faith asks, if is so awful to want her family back together. Both her parents are alone now. Sharon corrects; heís not alone and seeing Chelsea. She stresses her and Dad are friends and thatís all they are going to be Thatís good, he found someone that he likes to spend his time with. They should be happy for him. Faith asks, who will she be with? him. Sharon has her, Noah and Mariah. The most wonderful family ever. Not a day goes by that she isnít grateful. Nick wishes them a fun time at the campus. He goes to get snacks for them in the kitchen. Sharon informs Faith that her Dad graduated from GCU and got a business degree, did she know that? Faith asks her Mom if they can make a stop before GCU.

Beneath Kayís portrait, Jill gasps Katherine wanted her to have a ring. Colin swears it is the truth. She asks, ĒDid it occur to you for one tiny moment that this ring might mean something to me?" This wasnít a babble that he could fence. This was object with history, motion and closure? Did anything enter that dim reptile brain of his. Except a scheme to save his pathetic ass? Colin says this isnít as black and white as she is making it out. Jill states, that Philip Chancellor and her were so much in love. And when he proposed to her and wanted to marry her. He told me that he wanted to give her this Spectacular ring She is sure that he wanted to surprise her. But she never saw it, because Katherine got drunk and drove him off a cliff. He died before he could give it to her. If it hadnít been for that cruel vindictive woman. She obviously found the ring and kept it out of true spite. That ring was a symbol of what could have been, if it could have been on her finger all these years ago. Everything would have been so different would have changed everything . Their marriage wouldnít have existed, which right about now, seems damned appealing. Oh, good, she is finally ready to divorce him.

At the office, Nikki and Victor listen to Kevin, the cell connection cutting in and out before cutting off. Victor thinks all the cell towers have been knocked down by shelling. Nikki asks what time is It there. He says, 9 hours ahead. She notes it is dark. To hear Kevin, it sounds like those roads are dreadful. She canít believe he made it to the hideout only to find Scotty had been moved. Victor notes they are scared and dangerous as hell. And know exactly what would happen to them if they are caught. Trying to reassure Lauren He knows how deeply upset she is. He would be too. Nikki says, maybe they should have wired the money like the kidnappers wanted. He says, they are close to resolution. No time for what if. Nikki thinks back when Victoria was taken. It was the worst day of her entire life. Lauren must be going through hell. His phone starts to ring.

Back at the club, Michael is feeding Lauren like a child. Lauren states she ate the grapefruit, but don't press his luck with the yogurt Lauren recalls Scotty being kidnapped as a baby. She notes it is even more terrifying now, the thought of losing him. He states, she got him back once. She will get him again. Lauren hopes he is right. Victor has been more blunt of the reality. Michael quips, because he is Victor. She retorts because he has been through a lot of dire situations. The men who kidnapped Scott. Nothing she does, is going to change the outcome. It is out of her hands like the first time. She promised she would never let him go. She broke that. Michael points out she allowed him to be the man, he was supposed to be. She allowed her son, to pursue his passion. She retorts it is supposed to keep him alive, not kill you. Victor calls Ė come to my office ASAP She tells Michael they got to go right now. She knocks the glass on the floor shattering it.

Chelsea exclaims an actual phone call, from Nick(who still at the ranch) He has Christian in his lap at the time He dropped the knife on the floor and says he is mister butterfingers He asks if she is going to the Studio. She thought she might. Did he talk to Faith. He did and it went surprising okay. She hangs up when her doorbell rings. Sharon is with Faith. She asks to come in. Chelsea is surprised. Faith owes her an apology.

ďGet out of here. I canít stand the site of youĒ! Colin is sorry that she is hurting so much. How was he supposed to know that the ring was so important. Jill shouts,and lists the reasons Collin should have known the ring was important. Maybe it was a key inside with a safety deposit box with a ring inside., letter. ďYou expect me to believe that you didnít think it was important.. What kind of simpleton do you think I amĒ Colin argues that she told him nothing about that time in her life and this Philip Chancellor. She is going to lay it out for him. ďPhillip Chancellor was the love of my life I thought he hung the moon and he adored me!Ē And Katherine knew this and never told me. Not until she was dying. .She didnít tell me in person. She wrote her a letter. And when she read it, all those feelings with grief came flooding back to her. And now she finds out about this ring that he meant for her to have. That Collin sold, to repay the money he stole from her. Colin states they canít change the past, but can build an extraordinary future. He believes they are destined to be together. She argues no, her destiny laid with Philip. She isnít interested in any future that involves him. He states she doesnít mean it. Jill sure damn well does and orders him to get out! She orders him to turn around! Giving him the cheque, she demands he bring her the ring back. She doesnít want to see his face until he does. She slams the door in his face.

At NE, Lauren (with Mike) is ecstatic to look at Victorís laptop and see Scott with Kevin. He states he is here and alive. She cries in relief. She tells him, he is safe now. He comes home. To her. Scott says there is no place that he rather be.

Faithís sorry about what she did last night. She doesnít know why she did that. It was so mean. Chelsea forgives Faith, she is the least mean person, she has ever met. They all let their feelings get the better of them. Sharon thinks that is gracious of her, she just let her off the hook. Chelsea asks if Nick asked her to come by today. Sharon says no, this was all Faith idea. She is very sorry and very happy for her and her Dad. Right Faith puts a fake smile. Chelsea thinks it is very sweet. Sharon is happy about it too. Chelsea remembers in the beginning, she was very supportive. Sharon awkwardly asks how it going. Chelsea it is the beginning, still awkward stages When Chelsea goes to make hot chocolate, Sharon is proud of Faith, coming here was a great idea. Faith replies, she wanted Chelsea how she really feels. And her facial expression is that she isnít happy camper. Donít blame her, I am not a fair of this pairing either. Despite the propping today. They keep being shoved down my throat.

At CL, Colin tells the guy to get the ring back. The guy tells him, it may not be possible. Failure is not option. Make it happen.

Jill lashes out at Kays picture. "It belonged to me old woman. You had no right." Esther asks if she is okay. Jill rants because of her precious Mrs C, the sainted Katherine Chancellor. She was deprived something that would mean something to her more than than all the money in the world. It was more of a crime, stab in the heart. How could she do it to her. She had the truth all those years, she had the ring. It would have changed everything. You may think this letter clears you but it doesnít. "I donít forgive you. I will never forgive you! she vows. Is Jill trying to give her self another heart attack by yelling at Kay's portrait? Kay has remorse for what she did. Jill needs to find peace like Kay suggested. But I am glad she is finally done with Colin.

Crying happy tears, Lauren canít wait give the biggest hug when she sees him. She tells Kevin that she owes him so much. Thank you so much for finding her son. Michael says good job brother. She loves him sweetheart and tells them to both be safe. See you soon! A relieved and sobbing Lauren hugs Victor tightly. Thank you so much. Wow, amazing how quick Victor and Kevin found him. But in real life, they would all be trouble for paying the ransom.

Kevin tells him, that his driver outside, they need to get him to the air strip. Scott asks how did they get here.where are they. Kevin says he is disoriented. Because the moved him around. They are taking him home now, pal. Scotty insists on getting up without Kevinís help. That's odd when Scott told him "you go that way, Iíll go this way." Kevin says, they are going back to GC together. Good to know that you still have your sense of humor. Youíre kidding, right? Kevin assumes. Let's go home. Scotty agrees. he seems really reluctant to follow Kevin, like he is as if heís leaving something behind. Very weird ending of the day.
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Favorite moments. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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