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A Night at the Opera Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 14-Mar-2017 8:23:48 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Ashley's night at the opera causes her to see Ravi in a new light; Lily fears for her safety; Lauren enlists Phyllis' help with Scott.

Victor and Nikki meet up on their way to the opera. She tells him she needs a little more charity. He offers to write a bigger check but she just wants him to be more tolerant. "Do I have to put up with Abbotts?" he wonders.

Ashley is arranging to go to the opera by herself. Ravi is behind the bar and offers to accompany her. She thinks he'll be bored. He says he won't so she sends him home to change and will leave a ticket for him.

Lauren and Michael are also getting ready and she wonders if Scott wants to go too. He doesn't. She calls Phyllis and asks if he'll keep Scott company. Yikes! Hope we're not heading to Scyllis or Phott. Too bad she didn't call Mariah. Phyllis arrives and Scott figures out what she's doing there.

Cane wakes up hung over when the phone rings. By the time he gets the phone, no one is there. Lily and Neil are talking and Neil has an opera date...a reporter who Lily labels a D list Hilary. Neil leaves and the stalker lurks.

Victor and Nikki as they greet people at the opera. Victor is happy when Ashley tells him that Jack gave away his ticket. Neil and Lois arrive and Ashley tells Neil she wasn't thrilled with Lois's report on Jack's marriage. Ashley is seated and does a double take when Ravi comes in all cleaned up in a tux and contacts. Everyone enjoys the opera except for Michael who has nodded off but wakes in time for the final note.

Phyllis and Scott talk and Phyllis asks about his favorite pizza....he likes anchovies in addition to other things and so does she. Phyllis tells him he should start a blog about his experiences. He doesn't know how but of course he does.

Cane is talking to Juliet about her earring which he found in his bed. She says someone had to put him to bed. Meanwhile Lily is alone and the stalker watches her. Her doorbell rings and Jordan is there with the stalker. He has taken pictures of her. She yells before calling the police on him. They arrest him and she calls him a filthy creep. Jordan stays the night to protect her....from the couch.

The people in Victor's box gather to discuss the opera. Some pretentious people are comparing it to an opera they saw in Milan. Ravi engages them and they talk separately about opera. Nikki tells Ash they're a cute couple...Ash glances at Ravi interacting with the other opera patrons. Victor tells Michael and Lauren he's still looking for Scott's driver. Lauren wishes he'd find employment there. Victor says he might have something for him.

Cane says goodnight to Juliet and she looks at the earring in her hand and smiles. Ashley and Ravi toast.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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