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Wedding Bell Blues Thursday Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 06-Apr-2017 8:02:01 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Kevin and Chloe's wedding day arrives; Michael puts Gloria on notice; Chelsea's life changes forever.

We open at the Chancellor mansion with wedding preparations. Gloria enters and tells Kevin it's not too late to make a run for it. Later Michael talks to her and tells her she is not to do anything to disrupt the wedding.

Elsewhere Chelsea is in shock about finding Adam's ring and Chloe is busy babbling about the wedding and how happy she is. Esther brings Bella in -she is adorable in a little blue dress; Chelsea and Esther are also dressed in blue.

Paul and Father Todd greet each other. Father Todd is officiating and Paul isn't able to be at the wedding.

Meanwhile Nick drops by to Sharon and tells her how badly his plan to get Chloe to confess went down. She's now wise to him and Chelsea wants nothing to do with him. Sharon thinks Chloe will be caught eventually and tries to talk Nick into going to the wedding even though Chelsea didn't want him there.

Mariah and Devon arrive. Gloria is impressed with Devon or rather his money and likes Mariah better than rude Hilary.

Some stuff with Ravi and Phyllis and how Ravi is going to the Met with Ashley. Phyllis also later talks to Billy.

As the women prepare to enter for the ceremony, Chelsea tells Chloe she hopes she gets everything she deserves that day.

The wedding begins and Kevin praises Chloe and she tells him how much he means to her. Kevin puts the wedding ring on Chloe's finger and Chelsea gives Chloe the ring for Kevin. It's Adam's ring. Chloe looks at it and looks at an icy Chelsea and drops it and runs upstairs. Chelsea tells Kevin she thinks Chloe just got emotional about the vows and she'll attend to her. Mariah comments to Devon about Chloe and all her stunts.

Alone, Chelsea confronts her and Chloe denies it and then says it was an accident and finally admits she wanted him dead. Chelsea springs at her and we cut back to the wedding.

Kevin wants to go upstairs but Father Todd says he will. Kevin follows. They find Chelsea on the floor and Chloe is gone.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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