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Family Meetings Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 11-Apr-2017 4:05:33 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Victor comes clean; Reed has a secret admirer; Jack warns Ashley about crossing the line with Ravi.

Paul comes to visit and informs her that Chloe killed Adam. He wonders when Victor will be home. Victor is being confronted by Nick who tells him that thanks to him, Adam's killer has escaped. Victor doesn't want to believe it thinking she's delusional. When Nick tells him of the proof, Victor tries calling the pilot.

Jack and Ravi are talking and Ravi notes that Ashley asked him to join her at a conference in NY. Cut to Phyllis and Ashley also talking and Phyllis wants thanks for opening Ashley's eyes to that great man. Ashley claims she doesn't know what Phyllis is talking about. She and Ravi are friends who both like the opera.

Paul further discusses evidence with Nikki. Nikki is afraid what will happen if Victor gets ahold of Chloe-uhh probably put her on a plane and send her out of the country. Paul tells Nikki that Victor should let law enforcement handle it.

Nick and Victor continue discussing Chloe and Victor in anger knocks stuff off a shelf. Victor wants to find her and admits under Nick's questioning that he put the whole chain of events into motion. Victor is tearful as he reflects on what happened.

Billy and Vic are celebrating Billy closing the deal with the hockey company. Vic takes umbrage when Billy compares her to Victor. He says in this case it's a complement. Their convo is ended when Vic gets a phone call summoning her to the ranch.

Jack is disturbed about Ashley's possible relationship with Ravi. He's afraid she'll dump him and they'll lose him as an employee. Ashley tells him to mind his own beeswax. Later Phyllis and Jack are talking. He wonders why she's so interested in Ashley and Ravi's relationship. She says she's not. Phyllis invites him out for dinner and he says it's not a good idea.

Ravi and Ash meet up waiting for the flight. Ravi has bought them neck rests because he says flights can be uncomfortable. Ashley informs him they're flying on the corporate jet.

The adult nuclear Newmans gather at the ranch and Nikki wants to share the truth about Adam's death. Vic is the only one surprised that Chloe murdered him. Victor says there's more.

Zoey and her friend Kendall meet with Reed and when Zoey slips away, Kendall says she'll send a demo of Reed to her uncle who's got music connections.

Phyllis runs into Billy at the AC. Small talk and he says things are moving slowly with Vic.

At the ranch, Victor reports Chloe got away but he will find her. Nikki chides him for his responsibility in Adam's death. Vic and Nick leave and Victor is alone in his thoughts.

So the pilot and Chloe had just taken off and yet Victor can't get ahold of him immediately? Seems like a lame plot point. Also Victor seems to be able to track people all over the world and yet can't find Chloe who has no money or resources?

What do you think of Jack having no storyline other than Gloria and yapping at Ashley about Ravi?

Since when did Nikki care so much about Adam?

Is Adam going to be recast with the next few months? Because unless they're never using Chloe again or turning her into a psycho ala Sheila, he needs to be alive. I suppose she could be in a mental institute and recover but they've just done that.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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