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Crimson Lights and Lights of New York Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 18-Apr-2017 4:25:29 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nick surprises Sharon; Abby relishes her new role at Newman Enterprises; Billy and Phyllis reunite.

We open with Reed very unhappy and complaining about Vic not letting him keep the car Victor gave him. Billy explains Victoria's position but Reed wants him to talk to her and he reluctantly says yes. Later Zoey arrives and isn't overly upset about Reed losing the car.

Nick visits Sharon at Crimson Lights and tells her he has removed Faith from his parents' home and he wants to resume their shared custody. They both are pleased to have their relationship back on an even keel.

Scott visits Phyllis and they discuss their near sex from the night before. They agree they're better as friends. Glad to hear that....didn't like that pairing at all. Scott says there's someone else he wants to get to know. Wonder how Phyllis will react to it being Sharon?

Tessa visits Nikki who wants to hire her to work on her foundation event. Didn't know Tessa had any organization skills but I guess she does. They discuss Nikki's background working at the Bayou and Tessa is surprised to learn that Nikki didn't come from a wealthy background. Nick interrupts their talk and privately tells Nikki that he and Sharon are sharing custody of Faith again.

In New York, Ash and Traci meet for breakfast. They discuss Ravi and his contributions to Jabot. He soon joins them. Ash tells Ravi that Traci is a famous novelist....hmmmm...I did not know that. It must have developed during my 15 year absence from viewing. Good to hear though that she has a career. Ravi hasn't read any of her work since she writes romances but she is working on a historical fiction which Ravi does read so she says he can have an advance copy. After Ravi leaves, they discuss Ashley's failed date from the night before. Traci tells her that she thinks John was such an amazing father that no one can live up to him. Ash shares that they plan to go to the Met together.

Vic returns the key to Reed's car back to Victor and finds Abby in his office. She is full of herself and quick to point out that Victor is out of town and she is acting CEO. Vic isn't overly impressed and talks about Victor shifting all the time.

At work, Vic is short with Billy and says she doesn't want to be with him again. Later Nick visits and she says she needs to apologize.

Scott arrives at Crimson Lights and Sharon tells him she's happy that Faith is back. He wants to take her out that night.

Billy runs into Phyllis and says he's frustrated with Vic and that they're done. Later he arrives at Phyllis's apartment with the phone she left behind. One thing leads to another and they're soon stripping and landing on the couch.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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