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Date: Fri, 21-Apr-2017 8:07:15 PM PDT
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For the week of April 24th

Kevin and Billy each receive a letter from Chloe

Chloe is writing to suggest they get paternity tested because either might be Bella's dad

Billy is mad that Chloe got a hold of his sample

For Kevin, it's the best news ever

Off they go to GC Memorial for testing

Billy and Phyllis share an embrace

Phyllis and Billy decide if they're going to do this, they have to be upfront with Jack and Vicki

Phyllis dances around it with Jack, talking about anger and vendettas

Jack says he isn't mad at her, he's mad at his brother

Jack gets a piano concert from Nikki in her living room (I mean, her foyer)

Lily embraces hockey style

M - Paul and Nick share concerns about the case against Chloe

T - Scott catches Lauren red handed, so to speak

W - Hilary gooses her career

Th - Victor reaches out to his wife in a big and surprising way

F - Hilary is bummed about Devon and Mariah

Incidentally, MY says Philly was always going to be explored again when the timing was right.

next week:

Victoria blows her stack

Ashley and Jack talk about mom

Neil and Devon chase a deal

Cane gets dirt on Billy

Nikki and Tessa share a spotlight

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