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Suspicious Minds Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 09-May-2017 6:54:01 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nick is suspicious of Tessa; Abby clashed with Scott; Kevin places blame for Chloe's actions.

We open with Mariah and Hilary tearing at each other; meanwhile Devon and Neil are celebrating the signing with Mergeron. Hilary tells Mariah she will never replace her in his heart. She later bursts in on Devon and Neil yelling about him giving her clothes to "that filthy b*#tch." Neil excuses himself. Hilary howls that she didn't take anything from him that he could at least keep a few outfits there. He tells her to get storage. She leaves to pickup her remaining outfits and remembers him and Mariah on the stairs. On the way out, she brags to Devon about all her hot sex with Jordan. Jordan happens to be outside and overhears the whole thing.

Nick congratulates Nikki on her appearance at his club. She talks about getting ready for the benefit. She says she got a bump of energy until she found out Victor was there.

Scott is curious that Victor wants him to spy on Abby. When Abby finds out, she is not happy. Victor says he wants her to train him. Abby asks to speak to Victor alone. She thinks Victor is a sexist and won't trust her. He says that's not the case. Scott comes back in and Victor leaves. Abby tells him to sit.

Chelsea and Kevin meet for coffee and Chelsea learns that Kevin is Bella's father. Kevin thinks the system has failed Chloe-doesn't know how she ever got released. Later Mariah joins Kevin and learns about Bella and shares her news about Devon. Later Mariah catches up with Tessa who is playing her guitar. Nikki calls and wants to see Tessa.

Chelsea meets up with Jordan-they discuss their past and Chelsea wants a favor. She wants him to help find Chloe. She says she must have a good fake passport-the kind Jordan used to make. She wonders if he has any of his old contacts. He says he'll make some calls. Later she talks to Nick and he wants her to trust the professionals.

Jordan tells Hilary he thinks it best they not see each other. Hilary says Devon was baiting her and she just lashed out. She said she's ready to move on. He's not and leaves.

Nikki invites Tessa to move in with her. Victor is not happy about it and she tells him she's in charge. He says only as long as he permits it.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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