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My Little Shooting Star Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 31-May-2017 6:49:05 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nick threatens to expose Victor; Ashley holds a tense family dinner for Dina; Cane makes matters worse with Juliet.

Nick is on the phone with Victor and tells him the truth will come out-Victor howls at him. Nikki enters and says they've found Chloe didn't they? Meanwhile a frantic Chelsea is kneeling over Chloe asking her to wake up.

Lily and Hilary banter and talk about Juliet and Hilary tries to give cryptic clues about Juliet and Cane saying some might find what Juliet did unforgiveable. Meanwhile Cane and Juliet are meeting discussing her firing. He says it was all Billy's fault. She notices he didn't try to save her job-just get Billy fired. He thinks she'd be happier returning to Tokyo. No, you'd be happier Cane.

Traci arrives at the Abbott home and is greeted by Ashley. Jack picks up Dina and they are both surprised about Ashley hosting the dinner. When they arrive home, there are some awkward exchanges such as when Dina recalls Mamie and Ashley said she practically raised them. Dina seemed off a couple of times. Could she be sick? She recalls singing to her kids but only Jack remembers. She sings the song and Jack joins in. After dinner, Abby poses everyone for a selfie.

Dr. Harris arrives home and finds Chelsea over Chloe. He feels her pulse and announces she's gone after first asking what Chelsea did. I call BS on this-I'm sure Victor's nuclear option is faking her death-not causing it. He had plenty of options to have her killed if that's what he wanted. What do you think? Chelsea calls Nick and asks him to come there. Chelsea says to send the body back to Genoa City and the family will take care of the burial. Nick calls Victor and tells him what happened. Later Nikki finds him boxing and he tells her what happened. She asks if he expects her to keep quiet...and he says no, his family has deserted him. He said Nick will tell Chelsea.

At the end of the evening, Abby and Jack are alone and she tells him she feels guilty about lying to Victor and is going to fix it.

Nick and Chelsea are alone in their room and preparing to go home. It looks like Nick won't tell her. We end with Chloe laying on a slab in the mortuary but I'm still not believing it.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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