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SOD Weekly Previews spoiler

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Date: Sat, 08-Jul-2017 7:05:35 AM PDT
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Juliet hits up Hillary for some support as the test is being run

Hillary reminds Juliet that she knows the truth: Cane didn't harass her

Juliet recognizes the warning for what it is

Laur Allen says Juliet's backstory will be explored

The MS flare ups freak out Nick and Tessa

Nick tries to get Nikki to bail on the concert

Chelsea advises Nick to back off and let Nikki do her thing

Hilary interviews Mariah and Devon as they arrive for the concert

Backstage, Nick decides to take control of the situation

Juliet pays a fraught visit to Cane at his home

Cane pays Jill a visit at the mansion

Previously: Jill tells Cane he's a bad boy, Victor goes all out for his wife, Chloe tells the truth, Nikki hides the truth

M - Kevin shocks his loved ones

W - Victor makes a difficult choice

Th - Genoans gather for the benefit, Ashley and Jack block Graham

F - The Newmans have a hard time playing happy family

Next week:

Tessa tries to keep her past in the past

Hillary finds a new scandal to explore

Victor's statement causes jaws to drop

Abby loses it with Vicki

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