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Date: Fri, 14-Jul-2017 7:32:55 PM PDT
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For the week of July 17th

Nick and Victor have a blow up

Pictures show Nikki being present for at least some of it

The whole thing is recorded by Hillary and Howard

Stuff gets even more difficult for the Newmans

Nikki asks Jack for a lift

Jack takes Nikki to the Abbott cabin

They have a nice time hanging out together... that may be misinterpreted

Chloe and Kevin are still at the motel

Jack and Phyllis interact at Jabot

Reed and Mattie meet up over coffee

previously: Tessa avoids someone/something from her past, Hillary hits pay dirt, Victor makes a surprising statement, Abby confronts her sister

T - Kevin and Chloe get nailed

W - Dina stuns Jack

Th - Abby is deeply dismayed by something she learns, Nikki greets a brand new day

F - Cane tries to fix things with Lily
next week:

Victoria hits her breaking point

Devon takes Hillary's side

Phyllis finds/learns something that sets her back on her heels

Nick freaks out

Lily meets with her agent

A doctor is required

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