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Fallout from Family Feud Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 25-Jul-2017 8:04:05 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nick defends his family; Victoria is pushed to the limit; Cane scrambles to repair his reputation.

We open with Nick confronting Hilary saying he was going to sue her and shut the place down. She says she's not the one who messed up his mother's performance. He assumes Victor will also be furious till Hilary shows Nick the thumbs up message from Victor. He tells her she's a low-level vulture. Devon hears it and defends Hilary. He tells her Hilary should have had some judgment or class. Go Nick.

Jack tells Phyllis that Cane has info for him if he hires him. Phyllis says he's motivated after being fired.

Lily is talking to Devon. Cane enters and tells him no problem about the job.

Victoria tells Billy that Cane was in the building and he won't believe why. Billy realizes Jack made some outreach to Cane and says "No way!" Vic tells him about Jack and Nikki getting friendly again. Vic says Jack isn't going to get a way with Cane working at Jabot.

Cane tells Hilary how far she's come since the old days. Mariah walks in and Devon surprises her with a trip to a concert and trip to a vineyard. Hilary gives her the time off.

Noah is at the bar and Tessa comes in. She has a gift for him-an Underground tee that says nationwide on the back. She asks if he's talked to his dad about franchising and he says his dad's pretty distracted and shows her the footage shot by Hilary. Nick comes in and Tessa excuses herself. They talk about Nikki's concert and Nick gives him a run-down about what really happened. They discuss Noah's proposal to expand. Nick says he's supportive but expansions are tricky.

Vic enters Jack's office and Phyllis is there showing him the Victor-Nick fight from her laptop. She asks Phyllis to give them some privacy.

Phyllis and Billy meet up and discuss Vic being up in Jack's office. Billy says it was all he could do not to go up there himself.

Jack and Vic are discussing Cane. She said he can't be trusted and that it will cost him personally. She's talking about Nikki and says she doubts Nikki would want to rekindle a romance with someone who destroyed her daughter's business.

Cane and Hillary are discussing him working at Jabot. Lily isn't happy about it since she still works at Brash and Sassy.

Hilary comes into Crimson Lights and tells Sharon Victor approved the footage. Sharon doesn't believe her. Hilary tells her she doesn't need a lecture-just a latte. Sharon says she doesn't have to serve her and tells her she doesn't care for the way she treats Mariah.

Mariah enters the Underground and tells Nick she had nothing to do with Hilary's segment on her family and Nick says he knows it. Devon also is there and Nick apologizes to him. Devon understands because Hilary sets him off too. Mariah suggests to Devon that they invite Tessa to go on their trip so she can get a taste of performing. Nick and Noah plan to expand together.

Jack calls Cane and says he's reconsidered. After Vic leaves Jack's office, she collapses in the elevator.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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