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Thursday, "I won’t be blackmailed by you!" Recap Post.

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Date: Thu, 27-Jul-2017 7:11:07 PM PDT
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I will pick up the payment from you in person, cash! Jesse.

Well, I'm not surprised the camera man is back asking for more money from Cane. This time 25, 000. Jesse threatens to go public on GC Buzz that he edited the footage that made Cane's co-worker, Billy look bad. Then he cost B&S money by losing his wife' commercial. Cane is digging a bigger grave for himself. Calling Victoria, a stone cold bitch, made things even worse with her. But will Cane come to clean to Lily or pay off Jesse to keep his dark little secret?
Thursday recap [link]
What did you think of Reed and Mattie's first kiss? And Charlie ordering Mattie to dump Reed, because his Mom fired their Dad?

Chelsea got to spend a little time at the pool with her first born, Johnny? Do you like that she is happy that did the right thing by having Victoria and Billy raise him?

BTW, it was quite ironic was that Victoria remarked that the hockey footage screw-up didn't involve Cane. What do you think she will do to Cane when she finally learns the truth?

What are your thoughts on Marah/Devon/Tessa/Noah scenes?

Is it is a good or bad idea for Nick and Noah to open up a bunch of Underground Clubs at the same time?

Well, Victoria has a mild concussion. The doctor wants her reduce her work schedule, minimum stress, get her rest and eat. Will she do it? Or will she end up in the hospital?, because she didn't?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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