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With My Blessing Thursday Recap Post

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Date: Thu, 03-Aug-2017 4:04:10 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Nikki defends her relationship with Jack; Victor worries about Victoria's behavior; Mariah puts her heart on the line with Tessa.

We open with Abby hugging Victor. She tells him Hilary broadcast him slugging Nick on the Hilary Hour. With my blessing, Victor tells her. She tells him about Victoria's problems and lawsuit.

Chelsea tells Vic she's worried about Nick. She thinks he's too nonchalant about the situation with Victor. Victoria says nothing to worry about they've been in this situation before.

Nick meets with his mother and she's enthusiastic about his partnership with Noah. She tells him she's spending the afternoon with Jack.

Phyllis is freaking out with Ravi...trying to find someone to lessen Billy's workload so he won't have to spend so much time at work. Ravi doesn't know anyone. How desperate Phyllis is to butt in Billy's work situation?

Ben Hochman is visiting Ash and Jack and trying to invest in their company. They tell him it's a family company and he leaves. He runs into Phyllis who thinks he's a perfect candidate for her dubious purposes. Later Gloria enters Jack's office with a fishing rod and is PO'd that he's spending the afternoon with Nikki. She later calls Graham and arranges to meet up. Ashley warns Jack to tread lightly with Nikki.

Mariah and Devon and Tessa and Noah meet up. Mariah proposes going to a concert that the guys aren't interested in so she and Tessa plan to go. The guys leave. Tessa thinks Mariah seems off. Mariah says Devon is the greatest guy ever but she's trying to be honest with herself as to what she wants and who she is. Tessa says if there's anything she can do to help, she will. Mariah kisses her.

Victor calls Vic to see how's she's doing and is upset Abby spilled her situation to him. Vic calls her and is upset that she told Victor about her problems. Abby says she's glad Vic shared and hugged her. Do you think Victor's going to try and help Vic financially?

Jack tells Nikki about family time in the cabin. Nikki wonders if Dina was there. Jack says she seemed to talk it about it a lot but he didn't remember her being there much. He says it's time to make new memories.

Ashley talks to Dina and concludes she's depressed.

Nikki confesses to Jack that she doesn't know how to fish. Jack says he really like fishing that much. They decide to try. As they kiss, someone photographs them.

Ben calls Vic and asks her to go out to talk business.

Nick and Chelsea have sex at work. Bleah! They're interrupted by a call from Nick's realtor. He says Nick was outbid on both buildings. The realtor was calling from Victor's office.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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