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Thursday, "Victoria usually know how to take care of herself!" Recap Post.

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Date: Thu, 10-Aug-2017 8:08:53 PM PDT
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I hope’s tonight’s not the exception. Ashley

Sorry Ashley, it's not. Victoria does need to see the doctor ASAP, about the ringing in her ears and volatile moods. Hopefully Abby will encourage her to seek help soon. If she doesn't it, her health will only get worse. What do you think?
Thursday recap here [link]
Is Crystal, Tessa's sister? Why is Tessa remaining silent with Sharon and won't do anything to help out that poor girl?

So now Ben Hochman is Jack's ally. What do you think of Jack hiring him as a consultant to supply inside information about Brass and Sassy to him? Will it backfire on him?

Do you agree with Christine that Sharon could have been kidnapped or hurt, because she didn't called the authorities for help about Crystal?

What did you think of Victoria's dress from Chelsea 2.0? And her dancing at the Underground?

Are you glad that Nick fired his financial advisor due to his connection to his father? Can he handle his own finances?

Victor certainly didn't learn anything from Adam's death. Once again, he is punishing another son. Bastard! What will TGVN do to Nick next?
So what did you like/dislike about today's episode?? Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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