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Split Newman bonding, Hellacious Hilary Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 05-Sep-2017 7:10:47 PM PDT
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Today's Preview: Victoria's plan for a Newman family truce backfires; Lily smells trouble for Devon; Phyllis and Billy outsmart each other.

We open with Nick and Victor working out. Victor asks about Nick paying his own gym fees. Nick says there actually are some benefits. They talk about Faith's furniture. Victor says his moving in with Chelsea affected Faith, "his grandson," and Noah. Interesting that he didn't identify Christian by name as he did with the other bio kids of Nick.

Vic and Nikki meet and Vic tells her she confronted Phyllis and it felt good. Phyllis is pacing about when Billy comes in and blurts out that she had a confrontation in the elevator with Victoria and admitted she sicced Ben onto Victoria. Billy says it's the first he's heard about it. Vic says she feels it's a turning point for her and Billy. Nikki wonders if she's projecting too much what she wants. She offers to take Vic to dinner which Vic accepts. Billy doesn't appreciate Phyllis's antics but Phyllis excuses herself saying she just wanted him back. They talk about Fenmore's and Phyllis says Lauren has Brash and Sassy's back. And Lauren is Billy's aunt but they never talk about that.

Hilary is baiting Mariah about Tessa. Meanwhile, Lily informs Devon that Jordan dumped Hilary and Devon wonders why she didn't mention it to him. Lily mentions Hilary's character and manipulations. Devon says he had to cancel with Mariah. Lily chides him and says Mariah adores him. Hilary tells Mariah she is single now-broke up with Jordan-but won't be for long. Mariah shows Hilary pics of Devon and her together in San Francisco. Hilary insists Devon prefers her. She makes fun of her for living with her mom instead of Devon.

Ashley meets with Dina and wonders why Graham was helping her on her report and why she was sharing sensitive company info with him. Dina insists Graham is really trustworthy. Ashley remarks that Graham has to know where she is every minute and Dina says he cares about her and she wished Ashley had someone like that. Ravi comes in and excuses himself for interrupting. Ashley says they're done. When Dina leaves, Ash wants details on Graham. Ravi said he already background checked but Ashley wants more.

Dina tells Graham about Ashley over-reacting. He said he should have been more careful and suggests she quit Jabot and return to Paris with him. She says no. He says he has to go by himself to take care of his apartment. After he leaves, Dina pours herself a drink and wonders what she'll do.

Nick runs into Nikki and Vic planning to lunch and they invite him....he is a little reluctant since he just saw Victor. Speak of the devil, Victor appears and Vic suggests they all lunch together. Nick declines and leaves. Nikki thinks it's too soon and leaves. So Vic and Victor lunch. Likewise, Nick and Nikki lunch. She tells Nick to be proactive instead of just reacting. Likewise, Victor tells Vic to be proactive about her business and get a new message.

Phyllis tells Billy she over-reacted. He says he only wants her but recalls kissing Vic first. They disrobe....BLEAH!

Comments greatly appreciated.

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