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Hostility at the Hospital Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 17-Oct-2017 7:56:58 PM PDT
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Well. yesterday my DVR didn't record the episode and today it recorded two!

Today's Preview: Victor wants to make a deal with Nikki; Ashley sees Graham's true colors; Sharon squares off with Nick.

Ashley accompanies Dina to the hospital where Graham and her personal physician are. Ashley doesn't want Graham or a doctor picked by him anywhere near her mother. Jack and Traci also arrive and Jack tells Graham to beat it. Graham says he is entitled to be there.

Sharon stops by to see Nick. She is upset that he gave away his money that was a nest egg for two of her children. She talks about growing up poor and not wanting her kids to have the insecurity of their future. Noah reads about it and also goes to see Nick and wonders what's up. Noah is worried that their expansion plans are up in the air now. Nick says it might take longer. Nick asks what they expect him to do-make peace? Sharon says that would be a start and leaves. Noah says he'll go with her. Later Noah and Sharon talk. Noah thinks he may have over-reacted.

Traci and Ashley recall what happened with Dina and Ashley. Ashley said she could handle it. Jack appears and then Graham tells them he has information about Dina. They want to hear it from the doctor. Dina had a small stroke. Jack wonders if stress could have caused it. The doctor says it's possible and further testing could possibly determine that. The kids want to see her and the doctor says they need to settle her in her room first. They go up to the room and so does Graham. Arguing ensues. Graham tells Ashley her father was pathetic and she's illegitimate. Ashley moves to attack him but Jack prevents it. They tell Graham to get a lawyer-he'll be charged with fraud. Traci says Dina wouldn't have told Graham about Ashley's paternity-she didn't even know. Graham says that proves how close they were.

Nikki goes to visit Victor and wants the feud to end. Victor wants her to move back to the ranch which she rejects.

Nick visits Victor and says he designated part of his money to go to orphans-he knows Victor had it hard. Victor says if this is making peace, he agrees. They shake hands.

Nikki stops by to see Jack and talks to Gloria. Gloria says he'll be out all day without details. Gloria shares that she and Victor had drinks. Nikki tells her to go for it.

Jack tells Graham, he was the last person to see Dina before her stroke and he knows Dina wants nothing to do with him. The doctor tells them Dina can have visitors. Graham says he's going in first. The Abbott children protest that won't happen but he pulls out his medical power of attorney.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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