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A Rescue Goes Awry Wednesday Recap Post

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Date: Wed, 18-Oct-2017 5:01:16 PM PDT
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Another day, another DVR mess up but at least it recorded on POP.

Today's Preview: Cane lands on his feet; Lily sets the record straight with Jordan; Jack plots to rescue Dina.

We open with Traci and Ashley at the hospital fuming that Graham is keeping them from seeing Dina. Ashley calls him a master manipulator. In the meantime, Jack is trying to get the medical power of attorney over-turned but Michael says it looks solid.

Billy is working out when Cane comes in and says he's the new acting CEO of Chancellor Industries. Billy says he ruined Brash and Sassy and that reputation will linger. Cane points out that he's been gone for quite a while and B & S is still failing. Billy says his position has been filled-with Lily. Whattttt? I thought Lily got Juliet's position?

Meanwhile, Vic shares with Jordan that Lily has a new position. After he leaves, Vic says the non-dating clause doesn't apply to contracted employees like Jordan so she can fill free to date him.

Best friends from hell Hil and Phyl are dining and Hilary says she won't publish anything about Ashley-she owes Jack too much. She would like to repair the damage from her footage of Vic with the Hotch fighting over sex. Phyllis says Vic is a stone cold bitch and not to bother.

Michael shows Jack a new power of attorney naming him as POA-Dina just has to sign. Ashley and Traci are talking and Traci reassures her that all of her family relationships are unchanged. They all consider her their sister. Ashley doesn't know if she can forgive her. At the same time, Graham keeps trying to con Dina.

Hilary runs into Cane who tries to encourage him to keep pursuing Lily. He says it's over. Lily and Jordan are talking. She says she's been sending mixed signals and she has to focus on herself and her children. He agrees they can still be friends.

Phyllis comes to work and finds Michael in Jack's office. Phyllis gives him a retainer for some advice. "What did you do Phyllis?" asks Michael. She starts howling about Vic tricking Billy so she set up a trap for Billy. Michael tries to convince her that Vic isn't the enemy but of course she won't accept that he's just not that into her.

Graham comes out and says Dina understands. The Abbotts want to see her and he says she's too tired now. Traci makes a case for allowing them into see Dina. He says Dina said she was the most compassionate. He says they'll need to make it worth his while.

Lily runs into Cane at the club and tells her of his new job. He congratulates her as well.

Billy tells Vic about Ashley's gala and the family secrets. Vic is sympathetic. She talks to him about deceiving Phyllis and she won't ask again. But she says if the positions were reversed, Phyllis would do the same.

Hil and Jordan are working out and he asks if she'd like to go on a date. She eagerly agrees.

Phyllis enters Brash and Sassy and wants to talk to Billy alone. She says she needs to tell him something. He says he's been keeping something from her.

Jack gives Graham a check and he tells them they can see her. They go in the room and find her gone from her room.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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