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GC Prepares for Thanksgiving Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 21-Nov-2017 7:40:48 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Hilary comforts Cane; Lily is caught off guard; Victoria and Neil manage a crisis.

We open with Hilary trying to look hot and steamy as she leads into the Hilary show. Sharon and Mariah are watching. Scott and Abby come in and banter. Abby demands coffee and Sharon remakes a pot. Abby stalks off to be away from them.

Nikki and Vic are meeting at the AC. Vic says she is welcome to come to the ranch but Nikki says she's going to join Jack and the Abbotts. Hilary catches Vic on the way out. She asks about the sex ring. Vic is short with her and leaves. When Nikki leaves, she also snaps at Hilary. Nikki tells her fans are waiting and glances at Jordan. She tries to trick him and he points at the camera. She starts in about his aliases. Then he turns the tables and talks about how she changed her name also. She quickly has taping stopped.

Jack and Ashley reminisce about Thanksgiving pasts and talk of Dina and what to do with news of her Alzheimers.

Devon and Tessa meet and talk about Crystal.

Mariah warns Mariah she needs to talk to Devon. Mariah is stalling but says she will. Sharon joins Scott at his table where he is trying to finish his story. Sharon wants to take him home for a massage and they agree in an hour. In the meantime, Vic's assistant summons him.

Abby stops by the office and Vic yips at her and tells her she's demoted and if she weren't an Abbott, she'd be fired. She runs into Scott on the way out and tells him, he probably has her job. Turns out she's also shutting down Hashtag. She will find a job for him. Scott is upset that he won't get to do his story.

Nikki comes to the Abbott house and starts howling about Dina. Ashley says she hasn't been herself and wants to throw her out. She leaves to see Dina and Nikki calls Dina evil to Jack. He starts to say she has Alzheimer's but can't get the words out and asks Nikki to leave and dis-invites her to Thanksgiving. When Ashley returns, Jack tells her if he can't tell Nikki about the Alzheimers, how will he ever tell Dina. Dina enters and says she knows all about. Graham had her tested and she's known for a year. Jack wonders why she agreed to take the tests again.

Mariah and Devon discuss their relationship and how it isn't going anywhere. They will stay friends though. Later Devon goes to the AC where he finds Jordan and Hilary still sparring. Devon tells Jordan he better not be threatening her. Devon tells Hilary that he and Mariah broke up.

Scott stops by to see Sharon and tells her his story is dead. He wants to find a way to publish it. They kiss and when he looks at her, he sees Abby.

Ashley and Jack talk about how they want a Thanksgiving to remember.

Comments greatly appreciated.

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