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Monday, "Home for the Holidays!" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 18-Dec-2017 7:47:05 PM PST
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I think now is the time to sell the company. Jill

Welcome back Jill! But WTH? Does it seem out of character for Jill wanting to sell Chancellor? It does for me. She worked so hard to get the company back. What do you think of Jack offering to buy it? Did you enjoy the Jack/Jill scenes today?

I hope your weekend was great. Let's start our new week of Y&R.
Monday recap here [link]
So good to see Traci back for the Holidays. What do you think about Ashley calling a board meeting to oust Jack out, due to his latest decision to buy Chancellor?

Victoria confessed to Victor that it was Nikki that embezzled his money. Were you surprised that J. T. didn't turn Nikki in to Paul and Christine, then claimed it was an accounting error? Will Victor make Nikki pay for betraying him?

What did you think of the Scott/Abby scenes?
So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Feel free to give any grades for it. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated, very much!


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