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Hostile and Friendly Takeovers Tuesday Recap Post

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Date: Tue, 30-Jan-2018 6:41:08 PM PST
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Today's Preview: Ashley plays hardball with Victoria; Tessa seeks forgiveness from Mariah; Chelsea defends Adam's name.

Hilary meets with a prospective buyer while Mariah frets about being unemployed. Hilary says she won't decide till later that day. Later they take a business lunch and encounter Noah where Hilary notices the tension. Mariah tries to clear the air with Noah and he says she's welcome to her. Hilary comes in to grab Mariah since she's off the phone.

Vic is disturbed to learn that Ashley now has jurisdiction over Brash and Sassy. She makes a beeline to Victor. Victor says how talented Ashley is and he had to snap her up. I thought Vic had a contract in writing.

Devon and Tessa talk about him possibly getting GC Buzz. She tells him the kiss was all Mariah's idea. Liar! Later she stops by to talk to Mariah and Mariah says she doesn't want to resume the friendship or anything.
Nick stops by to see Sharon about money he found in the pipe which he figures belongs to Adam. Nick took the money to the police to see if it's clean. Later JT stops by and talks to Sharon and they discuss parenting. Nick returns and barks at JT but later has a decent talk with him. They talk about Colleen and Sage. Nick gets a call back from the police.

Ashley and Vic are talking and Ashley says she plans to make changes to Brash and Sassy. Vic decides to work from home. She tells JT about Victor hiring Ashley. Victor comes over to try and smooth things over. Vic decides to go to Paris and check on Abby while Ashley is on the phone with Abby.

Nick returns home and tells Chelsea the money is clean. The money is hers to spend. She says it will go for the kids' education but has a look on her face like she's planning something else.

We end with Devon and Hilary discussing his offer. She says there are higher bidders but he says he can offer more since he knows her so well.

Comments and/or grades appreciated.

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