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Mind Your Own Business Monday Recap Post

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Date: Mon, 05-Mar-2018 7:58:26 PM PST
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Today's Preview: JT plays with fire; Victor makes a move against Ashley; Sharon comes to Nick's rescue.

Recaps here:


Phyllis knocks on the penthouse door and gets no response. She calls Nick who is settling in at Sharon's place. When his phone rings, Sharon tells Faith to send it to voicemail. Phyllis heads over to Crimson Lights where she finds Mariah. Mariah tells her Nick has moved in with Sharon and family.

Vic and Victor are talking about Ashley sharing info with Jack. Victor dispatches JT to get to the bottom of it. He later takes prints and opens Jack's drawer where he finds the paperwork. In the meantime, Jack and Ashley are still fretting about where Dina is. She calls and talks to Jack but they're not able to determine where she is. Later Dina calls again and is in London? She is with Social Services which her children are relieved to hear. Jack wants to pick her up and bring her home.

Phyllis crashes Sharon's with Mariah and demands to talk to Nick alone. Can't this nosy pest mind her own business for two minutes? She gets nowhere with Nick and Sharon pointedly doesn't invite her to stay. She calls Vic and demands she immediately talk to Nick before Sharon can get her hooks in. Vic agrees and unfortunately isn't there when JT tries to share the results of his break-in at Jabot.

Vic arrives to talk to Nick and he tells her how happy the kids are. Sharon invites her to stay for peach pie. JT calls and Vic rushes off. Sharon invites her to return.

Christian is wired and Nick thinks he'll be up until midnight. Sharon sings him a lullaby. Mariah comes downstairs and looks concerned.

After Victor gets the evidence, Vic tells him he has to fire Ashley.

Comments and/or grades appreciated.

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