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Monday, "Do we have a deal?" Recap Post.

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Date: Mon, 12-Mar-2018 5:34:07 PM PDT
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Deal! Hilary

Ugh. Devon was such an idiot by agreeing to father Hilary's baby. He claims that he only wants to co-parent, not getting back together with her. Do you believe him??
Welcome back from the weekend. Hope you enjoyed it. This is a short week of Y&R due to NCAA March Madness on Thursday and Friday. So change of schedule for posting this week. Nancy will post Tuesday and I will post Wednesday, which will be this week's "Free for All Post."
Monday recap here [link]
The best part of the show was our Alzheimer's patient, Dina. Marla Adams gave such a wonderful performance today. Dina was so excited about going to HS dance with John. Traci and Ashley were wonderful, helping her get ready. I was moved that Victor took over for "John" who couldn't make it. He treated her to special evening of dancing at the Top of Tower. It was nice to see the human side of Victor come out with her. Traci had a great idea of recording Dina's memories, while she still has them. Did you enjoy the scenes with Dina/Traci/Ashley/Abby and Victor?

Victor busts Victoria with the proof, that Abby gave him. She confesses that she set up Ashley with Jack. Do you agree with her that Victor has blinders on when it comes to Ashley?

What do you think of Ashley's demand that he fire Victoria? Will Victor actually do it?

It was Victoria vs Abby today. Who's side are you on?
So what are your thoughts about today's episode?? Feel free to give any grades for it. Any comments are greatly welcome and appreciated.


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