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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 14-Jun-2012

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Posting date: Sun, 17-Jun-2012 6:25:36 AM PDT

Heart-to-heart talks were the order of the day today. Sonny opened up to John McBain about his sister's murder; Kate revealed to Ewen the traumatic event in her past that caused her DJD; Tracy told Alice that her "Mr. Luke" could be moving back in eventually--and from the looks of things with Luke and Anna, it won't be anytime soon!
Forgot to mention that Lulu and Johnnie told their significant others about their new partnership with the Haunted Star--but they didn't quite get the reaction they were hoping for.
Starting off with Sonny, we see that he's prepared to tell McBain everything about his sister Theresa's murder. But as we will see with Kate, everything centered around one person: Joe Scully Jr., the son of Sonny's mentor in the mob, Joe Scully.
According to Sonny, he was sent to Atlantic City by Joe Sr. to clean up the mess his son had made of his strip club.
Theresa was an under-age stripper working at the club when she was murdered: but Sonny was found standing over her body with a weapon.
Kate, speaking as Connie at Shadybrook, told Ewen that she was raped by Joe Scully Jr. one night while her parents were out.
Afraid to tell Sonny, she decided that it was best to leave him on the street corner the day they were supposed to go off together, which caused Sonny to go deeper into the mob.
What she also didn't tell Sonny was that she was pregnant! And what we don't know now is what happened to the baby! This one is going to get messy...
Meanwhile, over at the Quartermaine mansion, Alice and Tracy are toasting "Mr. Luke" eventually moving back into the mansion.
While Tracy is telling Alice all the different ways Luke can make a girl feel good; what she doesn't know is that Luke is using all of his techniques on Anna!
Anna and Luke wind up kissing, which is only going to ruin a perfectly good friendship imho...
Finally, the Haunted Star isn't going to be a casino anymore. But why aren't Dante and Carly happier about that?
This is because Lulu and Johnny are now partners in this new venture to turn the Star into a club for new musical talent.
Dante is understandbly upset that he won't be seeing a whole lot of Lulu, as she's going to try and work this around her PCPD job and Carly's just worried that Johnny's going to dish some dirt with Lulu....
What happened to Connie's baby? Will Tracy, Anna and Luke develop a love triangle? Will the revamped Star make it? Stay tuned!!
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