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General Hospital Update for Monday, 18-Jun-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Mon, 18-Jun-2012 3:33:23 PM PDT

Today's show was a bit repetitive since Jason told his long story about the demise of the baby, etc. It is the day of Tea's dead babe's funeral(they think it's Jason,Jr.) which Jason does not know about. Michael tells him about it. He says : " You must go because Sam needs you." Jason tells Michael that she doesn't want him there.He adds: " Sam can never forgive me." Michael keeps urging him to go anyway.Me hopes Jason will still try to tear down that wall because Sam and he love each other.
Alexis, Molly, Kristina and Sam are clad in black as they mourn the questionable death of little Jason ( Victor).Sam cannot stop crying. Molly has placed flowers,a poem, etc. at the site. She shows such sisterly compassion for her big lovable Sis. Sam Says to them: " How am I supposed to mourn my son when everything tells me that he's alive? " She adds : " It doesn't make sense. He was so warm and beautiful".Sam admits that she's falling apart.. Tis a very sad scene for this fan. I have never seen Alexis so in tune with Sam's Feelings of grief.Later, Spinelli, Michael, and Carly come to the burial place. Todd walks up but leaves. Why? Could the guilt from switching the babies be eating at him? Carly wonders why he appeared too. Suely, someone is going to figure this out in due time. By then, perhaps, she will have forgiven Jason. Jason reminises about his taking care of Michael as a little one.He must feel Sam's pain...
Our cute sleuth Spinelli is trying to search for Heather's where abouts the night of the storm. A patrolman appears who actually saw Heather that stormy night. I do think that Spinelli can crack this case as he works with Olivia. Olivia is desperate to get Heather out of her hair. She tells Spinelli to please get the lowdown on this "nutcase".HA Heather is very good in this role.Heather tells Steve and Olivia that she plans to get a job. Since Todd is the publisher of a RAG, she may try to work there with him.She also wants to have a relationship with none other than Luke. Run ,Luke.. This ought to be fun.It appears that Luke and the lovely Anna had a tryst last night.He acts like a school boy who doesn't know how to respond to Anna's questions. In fact,he seems to still feel torn between Tracy and her. OOPs Tracy comes to see Luke. She catches Anna in his bed. She tells Anna that she is going to take Luke off her hands.She also tries to assure Anna that it does not look good for the Chief of Police to be living with a suspect in Anthony's death.Tracy wants him back for real sooooo . Now, Poor Luke is going to find himself in a triangle affair with Tracy, Anna, and scary Heather.This fan is happy to see Luke ,Anna, and other key players back on GH.
It is imperative that we fans tune in each day to see when and if Sam will reunite with her adorable son.
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