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General Hospital Update for Monday, 9-Jul-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Mon, 09-Jul-2012 4:24:24 PM PDT

Wow! There is a lot of kissing going on today on General Hospital. ;-) As the fireworks erupt in Port Charles, sweet kisses flow between our lovely Sam and cute Mc Bain, Starr and handsome Michael, Carly and Johnny, and. finally, a forlorn Jason kisses Elizabeth. Almost all apologize in one way or another. Jason wanders by and catches Sam in the act.Therefore, he conveniently finds LIZ to ease his pain.Tis sad! There has got to be some connection between Mc Bain and Sam because their chemistry has been pungent from day 1. Sam says : " We both had too much to drink." Mc Bain tells her that there is a strong bond there,but he does love Natalie.He does tell Sam," I do not regret my kissing you."As they say goodbye ,one wonders what their connection really is.
Todd goes to Johnny to see if he can buy Starr's recording contract from him. Todd keeps asking Johnny what kind of ulterior motive does he have for helping Starr.Todd adds : " You have a secret,don't you?" He says IF you hurt my daughter or my friend Carly,you will hear from me." Does Todd have a crush on Carly? These people trade love affairs like the wind.HA I hope that Lu and Dante's love will endure.
A sweet scene is when handsome Michael finally kisses lovely Starr. He apologizes because they had planned to remain friends. They finally agree to take their intimacy slowly.
It's exciting to see Anna looking for one lost Luke or for a body. She does discover the decomposed body of Anthony which she tells other policemen to keep quiet.Poor prisoner Luke is trying so hard to make noise in the shack, but apparently, she does not hear him. oH me! He needs to be rescued and< perhaps one day, the twisting path will lead to baby Jason.
Maxie and LuLu get the nerve to question Patrick about his taking an amphetimine without a prescription.Patrick is livid and sarcastic at first, but when they speak of Emma, he listens. He asks: " Is there a timeline for grieving ? Do you know how difficult it is without Robin?" HE gives these pills to Maxie. IS this all of them? Will he see Dr. Keenan? Who knows...Please tune in tomorrow to see how all these relationships go..
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