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General Hospital Update for Wednesday, 18-Jul-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Wed, 18-Jul-2012 4:16:41 PM PDT

Many on General Hospital are getting ready to attend the Haunted Star's Gala. It is certainly going to be an exciting night as Starr makes her debut there as a singer.Tune in tomorrow to catch a glimpse of Johnny and LuLu's new showstopper.Even Blair, Todd's ex wife, comes to support their cute daughter.I think Todd is most irate when he finds out that Blair is staying down the hall at the hotel. He thinks that Carly was going to put a stop on her getting a room there.Later, when Todd finds out that Blair's boyfriend is not with her,he is elated. me thinks he still has very strong feelings for his ex. They plan to unite to support Starr.He is soooooo funny to me.Even when Todd is angry, he looks mischievous and funny.
Poor Luke is still tied up in the old shack as Heather feeds him.( Me thinks it's time to free this guy from Heather's grasp Ha ). She has written two letters, supposedly from Luke, to LuLu and Anna telling them farewell.In Lu's letter : It says : " I am a restless soul meant to wander. I am sorry cupcake." Luke has a nickname for everyone. He tells Anna( Slim) in a forged letter that he is not right for her. I think Spinelli and Olivia will figure out that a forger is involved somehow. A desperate Heather tells Luke : " You may not love me now,but you will." What does this sick woman have in store for Luke?Did we hear Heather right?
A jealous Dante has nightmares about LuLu and Johnny making love. This fan was just praising them for their good marriage last week or so. OH DEAR!John sends her roses to thank her for all her help with The Haunted Star,and Dante goes to see Johnny. An irate Dante tells John not to send roses ,singing cards, or anything else to his wife. LuLu has bought a lovely dress to wear to the gala and Dante reminds her that money is tight.Is this just a lovers' quarrel? One hopes it is not serious.
Maxie tries to make small talk with Spinelli. She asks : " Do you still hate me?" Spinelli tells her no,but he can't be around her now.He added: " You made your feelings known when you married Matt." Soooooo a revengful Maxie gloats as she asks Patrick to go with her to this grand gala.Patrick takes beautiful Emma to see grandmother Anna.Patrick seems to be trying to move forward,but it's difficult for him to do.He is, perhaps, still misusing drugs.He needs professional help.
It's almost time for the Grand opening of the Haunted Star sooooooo grab a seat and join the Port Chuck crowd.;-)
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