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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 19-Jul-2012

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Posting date: Sat, 21-Jul-2012 6:44:51 PM PDT

"Crazy Calling! Crazy Calling!" Seems like from the looks of things today, Todd might be changing Heather's caller ID REALLY SOON!! What else happened today? The Haunted Star reopened-and noone from Lulu's family was there--but it looks like Todd and Blair are going to be getting really cozy really soon; Anna and Dante now have the goods on Crazy, er Heather--or if they don't, they're getting warmer; and speaking of Heather, she's still got Luke all tied up in the cabin in the woods!
Startig off at the Haunted Star, we see all of our friends arriving on board for the bash of the century.
A proud Todd and Blair arrive together to give their nervous daughter Starr luck in her singing debut; Carly is there to support Johnny and Lulu, and makes a point of buying the first drink and BFF Maxie arrived with a reluctant Patrick in tow.
Patrick really doesn't want to be there and leads Maxie to believe he's going to bail at the first opportunity.
Maxie walks off and Patrick sees Robin standing at the rail!! (It's got to be an illusion, or the pills talking, imho).
Starr goes on stage and wows the crowd, as expected. Michael is beaming and kisses his girlfriend in front of an incredulous Todd, who figures out that they're dating. Blair convinces Todd that they're happy and she's for it.
Blair and Todd go back to Todd's room at the Metrocourt, because she's telling him that they have to talk.
There's a dinner for two laid out, thoughtfully sent there by Carly. Blair is charmed, and Todd takes a ring box out of a desk drawer....and we'll have to find out later what happens!
OK, moving on to Heather. Anna and Dante make the connection between the letters that Luke supposedly sent Anna, Tracy and Heather, to the suicide letter written by Maggie Worth.
They determine that they're all the work of master forger Archie Bolles, who confesses to doing Maggie's letter and says that he was hired by Heather to do all three!
Dante and Anna now realize how dangerous Heather really is--but this is after an upset Olivia (Steve had just broken up with her over Heather) walked in on Heather in a maid's closet at the Metrocourt, where she was dressed in a uniform and was getting ready to serve iced tea to Anna?
Why is this a problem? Heather showed a vial of LSD to Luke at the cabin (yes, he's STILL being held hostage) and said that she was going to give it to Anna to get her out of the way. Yikes!
Will Luke ever escape? Will Liv stop Heather? What's Todd going to say to Blair? Tune in tomorrow!
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