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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 2-Aug-2012

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Posting date: Sun, 05-Aug-2012 6:42:17 AM PDT

And it's August! And from the looks of things, one Port Charles marriage is on the verge of becoming stronger, one might be breaking up for good and a potential one might be arranged by the family! And of course, Liz is involved....
Starting off, we're at Dante and Lulu's apartment, where the newlyweds are having a heart-to-heart about recent events--specifically, the forged letter from Luke to Lulu that Dante found at the apartment.
He asks his wife that even though he knows that Luke did not write it, if there was still anything to what was in the letter: that Lulu and other Spencers are not good at commitment and she should run while she can.
Lulu confesses that yes, she was thinking about whether this was true or not, and the heart-to-heart was on.
Dante apologized for not supporting her in her venture with Johnny and the Haunted Star, saying that he was jealous of Johnny for the past relationship they had.
The upshot was that both reaffirmed their love for each other and promised to work harder at their marriage! Sweet.........
Now on to the marriage that's in trouble: Jason and Sam. (As if we didn't know). Sam is telling all to Alexis; including the parts that John McBain is involved in. Alexis tells her that if she's looking for a good divorce lawyer, she's the best, and she'll do it for free!(Nothing like a family discount, right?)
Jason is doing the same with Sonny, over lunch at the Floating Rib. Everything's good, until Liz walks in with Ewen and takes the table next to them!
Of course,both of them are tuning their lunch partners out and taking lots of time looking at each other. It's so obvious that both Sonny and Ewen are commenting. Hard to say what will happen to this relationship, but of course Liz is involved, as always...
Finally, that potentially family-arranged marriage, and we're talking Christina and Trey. (You heard me...)
As we know, Joe Scully Jr. has been telling Trey to get close to Christina, so he can marry her and get back at Sonny.
Trey is trying to do that and after Christina pulls away from him when he's trying to get close, she opens up to him about her past relationship with Keefer, and leaves nothing back--including the parts where she got hit and he died.
Trey realizes that this is why she can't get close and tries to tell his father that. Joe isn't buying it, however and the bottom line is that Trey is still on the hook for marrying Sonny's daughter!
Will any of these relationships make it? Stay tuned!
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