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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 9-Aug-2012

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sat, 11-Aug-2012 6:42:12 PM PDT

One more noteworthy villian has come to town, and it's going to get real dicey real fast for Alexis; we know now who's behind the kidnapping of Robin from the lab; things are going from bad to worse for John McBain and Carly and Todd (???) are getting closer! Almost forgot to mention that someone could have a bun in the oven!! Busy enough for you?
It's been great to see the parade of former GH cast members return to the canvas, and today, it was a pleasure to see Sebastian Roche, aka Jerry Jacks.
Turns out that Jacks' slimy big brother is behind Robin's kidnapping and disappearance (was there any doubt?) The only question that's out there is this one: how did Ewen get involved?
Anyway, Ewen is reluctant and even more so when Jerry tells him his next assignment: capture Carly!! (Maybe getting some revenge for Jacks??)
On to John McBain, who's happy that Alexis was able to get bail for him. He's stunned to get served with a supoena later on, that not only is a copy of the restraining order that Natalie, the mother of his son has filed, but a threat that he could be barred from seeing his son altogether!
McBain goes into a meltdown, telling Alexis and Sam that there's no way Natalie is going to keep him from Liam. He's saying that he could be in Llanview that night, but not if Alexis has anything to do with it...
Anyway, Carly decides that what Todd needs is a woman--and takes several magazine quizzes with him to find his ideal mate.
Turns out that their ideal types were each other!! Interesting thought...
Moving back to Jerry and Alexis, he decides that he's going to take Alexis hostage and calls her posing as Hector, the Windemere caretaker, to get her over to the empty Cassadine estate.
When she gets there, she's stunned to see Jerry!! Run for your life, Alexis!!
Finally, someone could have a bun in the oven--and that someone is LULU!! She tells BFF Maxie that she's been sick all week and Maxie gets her to take a pregnancy test. Hope to find out the results soon!
Will Lulu and Dante soon hear the pitter-patter of little feet? Will Alexis get away from Jerry? Will we find out how Ewen got hooked up with Jerry? Stay tuned!
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