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General Hospital Update for Tuesday, 14-Aug-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Tue, 14-Aug-2012 3:08:21 PM PDT

General Hospital has me stumped when it comes to whatever the evil,slimy Jerry is trying to accomplish.I am not sure why he is coughing up blood, injecting Alexis and little Joslyn, and tormenting Dr Ewen Keenan. When Ewen sneaks a look in Jerry's suitcase to check out the drugs he is using.. Jerry walks in. He tells Ewen that he injected these two with H20.Ewen is in hot water with this sinister guy ,and he wants out.Jerry tells Ewen that he conducted an educational exercise.This guy is trying to play God to me.All of this ,I guess, has a link to Robin.Carly notices a red place on little Joslyn's arm and takes her to Dr Webber. Also, while Alexis is discussing Sam's divorce from Jason, she faints or dies.I can't tell which..Sam tells Alexis that she simply cannot get past what Jason did which caused the loss of her little baby boy.Sam says :" He abandoned me."It was a sad,heartfelt moment between Sam and Jason yesterday as they still professed their love for each other.Is love enough?Sam has made it clear that she does care for John Mc Bain.Even Carly tries to reason with Jason about trying to make a go of their marriage. Jason tells Carly that : " It is broken.. do not try to fix it " Tis sad for those who promised to love each other foreverrrrrrrrr.So goes a soap.I guess.
Dante is elated to find out that LuLu is pregnant. She ,on the other hand, acts somewhat dismayed. why? She wants to wait before she tells Luke or Olivia. Well, Luke and Olivia are still hospital bound. Luke tells Steve that some tall masked person with expensive shoes took him food and water while he was imprisoned in that shack.Sooooooo He says : " Heather had an accomplice." He tells LuLu and Dante that when he told the masked guy how much he loved his daughter, etc., the guy almost let him go. To hear this sentiment from her dad pleased Lu.
In the meantime, Heather and Todd have a meeting to discuss getting her out of Ferncliff. Heather threatens once again to tell all about the kidnapping of Sam's baby. ( It is time to reunite Sam and her bambino,isn't it?) Todd comes back with a retort that involves her precious Steven Lars. He tells her that he could still go to jail for Maggie's death.She's determined not to allow anything to happen to her son.This is what this fan gleaned from today's story line.Stay tuned for the next set of summer fireworks..
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