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General Hospital Update for Monday, 27-Aug-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Mon, 27-Aug-2012 4:32:45 PM PDT

General Hospital was eerie, suspenseful, and challenging to watch today.Jerry Jacks is truly alive and he is bringing much fear and alarm to Port Charles. He gives Todd money to hook him up to cable tv. He explains his mission clearly and tells why he injected Josslyn and Alexis.The only one who can ,perhaps, save them from destruction is Jax. Jax has returned to see Josslyn. Jerry tells all of Port Charles that he has put a pathogen in the water sooooooo in about 24 hours they will feel the results if they had drunk it, etc.He adds: "However, after this,they will feel nil because they will be dead." Of course, all are in shock and disbelief because they thought that this sinister psychopath was dead. Alexis has just gotten home from the hospital so Mc Bain comes to ask her questions. He hears Jacks' statements of woe and takes off to stop him. In fact, Jason and Mc Bain find Jerry. Jason beats him up a little. He is trying to get Jerry to tell him what the antiserum is. Jerry is asking for lots of cash for this. One wonders if Jerry is bluffing.Is this a scam to get money for him and Joe Scully? He is coughing again sooooooo he could be dying himself. Who Knows? Jax does show up at the end of today's scenario to face his brother.He has told Carly that he will not let her die. (I hope Jax is home to stay. ;-)I think he still loves Carly soooooo. Jerry has said : " Alexis,I hope you are feeling better. We shared a special bond." Then, he adds that he had saved her and Josslyn.Alexis is furious! In fact ,Tracy who is with Joe, Liz who is with Ewen, Patrick and others are furious with Jerry.Elizabeth realizes that Ewen was hooked up with Jerry, and she lets him have it.Ewen tells her that he had no idea that he had endangered their lives.
Another story of much interest is when Luke goes to find Anna in Switzerland.He pretends to be a doctor who was treating Anna for schizophrenia.He is sooooooo funny,but he does help Anna to leave that horrific asylum or whatever. My heart went out to Anna as she looked desperately for Robin. She found a patient who favored her,but it wasn't she. Needless to say, Robin is probably there. Dr Albright,the lady in charge, told some guy that that was a close encounter. I did not know this stranger.Soooooooo I am still going to follow GH to find out more about this deadly situation. The most shocking thing to me was when Tracy went to see Joe and spent the night with him. what was that about?
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